Thursday, June 12, 2008



Sondre Lerche is great. And I mean GREAT!

Jamie Cullum bangs out a sensational rendition of Cole Porter's "I Get A Kick Out of You" and Robbie Williams did a pretty damn good job on Porter's "Well, Did Ya Evah?" (oh, and I did a pretty ok new lyric to that Cole Porter song as a Las Vegas promotion a few years back) but...

the ALL TIME Cole Porter classic is "Night and Day." Sinatra so loved ''Night And Day" that he did more versions of that song than any other (a 40's ballad, a 50's Nelson Riddle swinger, a 60's Don Costa string thing, a 70's disco Joe Beck thumper and an 80's Vinnie Falcone small group show stopper). Young Blue Eyes was so nervous when he heard Cole Porter was in the audience at an early gig that the singer forgot the words-- boom- went right up on the lyrics!

"Night And Day" is so special that when I first heard SONDRE LERCHE do it, on just guitar, I fell in love all over again. He changes tempo, accents interesting phrases and makes the song sound brand new. THAT'S what real artists do! When you listen to Sondre sing ''Night And Day," you'll have absolutely NO QUESTION that he loves the song. "In the roaring traffic's boom, in the silence of MY LONELY ROOM..." he's so feeling it, making you feel it, him. HE IS THE ONE!

Sondre's got the super duper hot model wife, thousands of screaming fans, but, when he leans into his guitar and brings forth this Cole Porter classic, you'll swear he's singing to and for only you. THAT'S what great performers do.

Sondre slides from his beautiful deep and rich notes up into his falsetto in flawless fashion. Hearing him sing his own compositions or covers, is to hear the joy of life sound. He "conqures and captures" every song.
If you are interested in hearing some really great Pop/Jazz, give a listen to The Duper Sessions. How good is Sondre Lerche? Great. He's great.

I hear that the cool-looking Norwegian grew up listening to all kinds of music, taught himself English, took guitar from a Brazilian teacher, and the result is a Jobim-ish, laid-back pop jazz groove that is sensational. I mean, his favorite singer is PEGGY LEE... I'm just sayin: how cool is that?

Now if you wanna flat-out rock out, Sondre's 'Phantom Punch' will get you there, man. We danced our socks off!

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