Thursday, July 24, 2008

JASON HEWLETT- The World's best all-around entertainer you've probably never heard of...yet


Now here's a guy who is without a doubt the "NEXT BEST THING."

Living righteously and raising a beautiful family in Utah, JASON HEWLETT primarily does corporate gigs, 'one-nighters' and other private performances, knocking 'em dead, show after standing ovation-filled show. Fueling his high-energy act is the fire of ambition that burns brightly in all real stars- and stars to be.

I heart Jason Hewlett and, after you've caught his act, you will too. May I suggest that you take a moment and look at his website...

Monday, July 21, 2008


Where in the world is Michael Jackson? Well, here's right here in Las Vegas.

I know because I ran into him over the weekend. (Actually? he ran into ME.) No big deal- he was in a wheelchair and bumped-into me at a local bookstore. My foot is fine, thanks.

Which store? Well, my SECOND favorite bookstore chain... the one that has a strict policy of NOT TELLING when celebrities come in.

Recent gossip magazines are running photos of MJ taken at the West Charleston Barnes & Noble, a store that employes really cool people (especially in their cafe) but Mike ran into me across town, at a store where I am proud to say, I'm kinda well known.

"Um... sorry," the high-pitched voice said, softly.

"No, no, my fault,' I replied.

Now I'm no Michael Jackson expert, but I can say with confidence that the pop star is a gentleman. Smooth on his feet, sloppy in his wheelchair, Michael Jackson is a gentle man.

Sunday, July 20, 2008


I wasn't crazy about Brokeback Mountain, and maybe not for the reasons you may think. I happen to like cowboy movies (enough to say that many of John Wayne films sucked, with the exception of 'Rio Bravo' with a smokin' hot Angie Dickenson, a sensational performance by one of America's greatest under-appreciated actors: DEAN MARTIN, and, of course, Ricky Nelson, who was, back in 1959, like a big-time teen idol. "My Rifle, My Pony and Me," for me best sums up the myth of the American West. It is a good song in a great Western.

But I digress, the topic is HEATH LEDGER and the film where he plays a conflicted Catholic priest, 'The Order' is a very good movie. The special effects are underwhelming but the story is really great. If you kinda got freaked-out by 'The Exorcist,' you'll dig this one. And the bad guys are in The Church and the really bad guy isn't bad at all. In fact, BENNO FURMANN plays the title role (the film was released as 'The Order' but is commonly known by its original title: The Sin Eater). Furmann's character flies around on the coolist private jet, has wealth beyond calculation but is weighed down by the sins he's accepted. This guy is cool as hell- sexy and scary.

Shannyn Sossamon plays the beautiful, troubled love interest and she's sensational.

Now movie snobs all like get on board and knock a film. That's what snobs do-they find that fun; I find it ugly. Nobody sets out to make a poor film and this one, especially now that Heath Ledger is no longer with us, deserves another look.

Sure, go see "The Dark Knight" but if you are interested in 'the dark night of the soul,' rent "The Order."

Friday, July 11, 2008


You wanna know THE BEST Sinatra album to buy right now? One that holds up so well? A great set of songs that sounds so fresh? Perfect music for these HOT summer nights that roll into steamy mornings? Are you growing weary of the questions? Don't you think I am too?


You know, Frank Sinatra never sounded more laid-back, soft and straight-up smooth. This is Bossa Nova at its best.

What is Bossa Nova? (WTF? Now you're asking questions???)

I am told that the term means 'new trend,' and that when a musician plays or sings 'bossa' they do it with style.

Bossa Nova is of course built upon a Samba rhythm (which comes from Africa) so Bossa Nova IS Jazz, and in the hands of
Antonio Carlos Jobim (one of the inventors of this sound) Jazz never felt so good.

I heard 'Ol Blue Eyes sing songs from this album live on dozens of occasions here in Las Vegas and in other venues during the 80's and always noticed how he concentrated on the lyrics, singing softly, with eyes closed.

This summer- why not download some bossa music, man.

Wednesday, July 9, 2008


So often, when you write an original character, you have real people in mind. When I created Darin Diamond, a singer/illusionist with a mom who was "the prettiest showgirl in Las Vegas," a talented young guy who is referred to as "impossibly good looking," I think of EMILE HIRSCH.

Young Darin Diamond is simple, but, if you read closely, he's actually pretty complex.

If magical dreams come true. a film will be made of my "The King Of Diamonds' and Emile Hirsch will star.

Friday, July 4, 2008

And The Rockets Red Glare

I just returned from a quick trip over the mountains. I spent the morning in Pahrump, Nevada, where EVERYTHING is legal.

Driving back, I couldn't help but think about what a really great country this is.


It is now early evening. The neon is just now starting to flicker on. The gang is around the pool. I just finished my laps and came in to check House of H2o Gmails. And? I was BLOWN AWAY!

It seems that my little blog has become popular with a bunch of our guys serving in Iraq. Wow. I am honored.

A few weeks back, I wrote a piece about my longtime buddy, jazz saxophonist MATT WALLACE (see: Matt Wallace, June 20th). Another Matt Wallace, a 22 year old Army Corporal, was killed in an explosion in Baghdad on July 22, 2006. Young Matt gave his life for his country, for OUR country. And many of his friends and family, while searching the web, came upon my blog and as of this morning, received 44 emails, many from troops serving in Iraq who expressed an interest in pop culture.

I have a new novel, ''The King Of Diamonds: The Magical Life of Darin Diamond" coming out later this month and so I am making it available FREE to anyone serving or who has served. Think of it as the very least a guy like me could do.

Shoot me an email and I will see to it you get a book. And if you don't mind, I'd be happy to sign it.

On behalf of a grateful Sin City, I thank you.

Happy Birthday, America

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

INTERSTATE 60- Go rent it NOW!

James Marsden

Hey? You wanna rent a GOOD movie? Go grab INTERSTATE 60. JAMES MARSDEN of X-Men fame is just so... likable in the starring role of Neal, the young artist on a journey seeking an answer while looking for the girl of his dreams.

The cameos, including Kurt Russell, Michael J. Fox and (my friend) Ann- Margret, are great, adding to the wonders around every curve feel of this fantasy. INTERSTATE 60, not unlike Bob Dylan's highway, strikes a note deep inside you. I really love this film.
It is Wizard of Oz meets Twilight Zone.

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