Tuesday, November 30, 2010


The House of H2o is the place where people come for a fresh take on what's poppin' in pop culture. We've helped discover new talent, predict winning performers and done our part to promote some very cool projects, and we're just getting started.

In 2008, we found WILLIAM WATTERS, a longtime Las Vegas entertainment attorney and talent manager who had given it all up to dedicate his creative life to writing. Two novels, three television pilots, a screenplay and now a reality series later, H2o is proud of our this hip writer. The world was saying that writing didn't matter but WILLIAM WATTERS went the other way.

We're sifting through the hype so we can help point out the authentic things, the real talent, the originals. From comedy genius NICK THUNE, who will be taking his one of a kind humor to a new TV venue when he appears on CONAN in January to SERGIO VELLATTI who is lining- up jazz club dates in Hollywood, 2011 promises to be epic. We hear that EVAN LOWENSTEIN'S StageIt.com is going to take the art of intimate performance to a whole new level. Las Vegas loves a winner and EVAN LOWENSTEIN is the guy to bet on. Young R.J. CANTU's first major motion picture is a mystery set in Hollywood. 'Footprints' premiers on the east and left coast in March.

This coming year will see THE MAKEPEACE BROTHERS spreading their love to many more millions of music lovers. We are happily keeping an eye-and ear- on actor, singer JOSH HENDERSON who continues to prove that when you follow your bliss, the universe will support you.

2011's gonna be the nuts!

As the holidays approach, we ask you to remember not to drink and drive. Please do drink, however. And when you make your friend a Jack Daniels and whatever, don't forget to use GOOD ICE. Friends don't let friends drink drinks with bad ice.

Those limp -dick half-moon cubes that come plopping out of your refrigerator door are sometimes fun to suck on but for drinks, well, they suck.

Get out those old metal ice cube trays, fill them with warm H2o and freeze 'em up. Your friends-and drinks-deserve good ice, baby.

House of H2o is proud to suggest:

www.Kold- Draft.com. These guys have one cool company.


Saturday, November 27, 2010

Thursday, November 25, 2010


I have lived my entire adult life in Las Vegas, Nevada, and, over the past twenty years, I've worked with most of the big name stars and high energy shows, helping make me one of many Las Vegas spokesmen. I love that and I love the tourists.

It's Thanksgiving and I'm at the Las Vegas Hilton Sportsbook when a cool young guy comes over to my table and asks for directions to a place south of us, just off of Dean Martin Drive.

I knew DEAN MARTIN at the end of his career and was so proud when Clark County renamed Industrial Road DEAN MARTIN Drive. I'll cherish every funny memory of this memorable star and am so proud to know members of the family, especially the talented singer and radio host DEANA MARTIN.

I happily give the guy directions, which he types into his iPhone, checks the Google map, shakes my hand and then leaves. A minute later he comes back into the sportsbook and, over the noise of multi-football broadcasts and loads of other losers like me who are spending the holiday in a casino, yells, "Hey? What do I do after I go down on RICKY MARTIN?"

You couldn't make up a funnier moment. It was like in the movies when everything stops. I think I even heard the scratch of a record, bringing the place to a screeching halt.


Then, the laughter exploded.

The young guy was embarrassed. He held up his hand, hushed the crowd and said, "Okay, okay, my bad. I meant to say: What do I do after I go down on DEAN MARTIN."

An old timer looked up from his Racing Form and yelled back, "Ask Mrs. Martin."

I love Las Vegas.

Happy Thanksgiving.

Wednesday, November 24, 2010


Wisdom from the House of H2o.

Tuesday, November 23, 2010


Forty years ago, RAM DASS wrote 'Be Here Now,' a book that helped millions live life in a new way. Now, in 'Be Love Now,' Ram speaks of love to a new generation, and man is it beautiful.

Love isn't a place or destination, it is a state of being so surrender to it, to yourself.

House of H2o 2010 required reading and recommended Christmas gift is 'Be Love Now' by RAM DASS.

Friday, November 19, 2010


The airport pat-downs have gotten so out of control that now there's a boycott being organized online. Really, people are feeling violated by all of the feeling going on. And let's face it, we're not feeling any safer.

Here's an idea:


No, really, hookers. I say that we hire prostitutes to do the pat-downs. Prostitutes, or as they're called in some states, "massage therapists," know how to rub you in just the right way. They do. I say we offer a special Prostitute Pat-Down Line in all of America's major airports (I think we already have one in Reno. Not sure). Travelers will happily pay for the service, so that's, like, good, right?

Everybody wins.

A happy ending, or safe landing, or whatever you wanna call it, will be had by all.

I think they'll go for this and if they do, I'm working on a list of in-flight gambling bets, like, "Guess which flight attendent isn't gay" and "Pick the baby to vomit first," you know, family friendly games of chance. The proceeds, minus my 20% fee, could help this great country of ours.

God bless you and God Bless America.


Thursday, November 18, 2010

Wednesday, November 17, 2010


I'm just going to do it, open up, just let you know what I'm working with. You see, I tend to drop the names of my beautiful and talented friends, and can't wait to write about their successes but I now feel the need to let you know the truth about me, about the kind of man I am, I want to be.

I continue to be inspired by a select group of talented people, beautiful souls who move me in many ways, and while I'll only hint at specfics, I'm naming names. The list will never be complete as it continues to grow, but at the core are people I love. Yup, I said it, I LOVE THEM, YOU. Tonight it's some of the most beautiful guys. This list is an example of the kind of people I'm proud to have influenced my life and, sometimes, me theirs.

I am inspired to continue to try to be the kind of person I fancy myself. And who is that? I'll tell you- I want to be that soft voice in your ear, the guy who says, "You can do it," or "I am so proud of you," or maybe just, "Fucking great!"

But I'm more than a voice, I'm a man of action. I am ready to do whetever I can to help you move from where you are to where you wish to be. You want to work New Years? Good, I'll help set it up and gladly write your opening remarks. You need a tune for that convention show? I'll happily co-write a song. You need a name and number? Call me, I'll look it up.

I'm not in any position to be specific, but please know that I have done some helpful things over the years, but those stories are for others to tell-or not. I just want you to know that I live to continue to work with talented people. I'll not-so-humbly put myself among the artists; another, more stable part of me is here to assist the writer who struggles everyday.


Guys can be beautiful. Here are some who come to mind, eleven real forces of pop culture that move us all-

JASON MRAZ- Shares his love of music with the world. Jason reminds us of a simple truth: leap and the net will appear.

EVAN LOWENSTEIN- This talented singer is also a savvy businessman. www.stageit.com is a beautiful thing, man.

JON MARRO- What an artist and teacher. If each of us creates our own reality, Jon's is really, really beautiful.

BEN EASTER- The actor and photographer has become an expert on the art that he loves. He hugs his talent and I love that. www.beneaster.net

NICK THUNE- The most original comedian of our time. Nick Thune is a genius, and I never use that word.

JUSTIN WILLMAN- The likeable, magical emcee and TV host is soon to be a superstar. Bet on it, him.

JOSH HENDERSON- The coolist young actor in Hollywood who is fast becoming a respected pop singer. Beautiful for serious.

R.J. CANTU- This ABC-Family actor and close-up magician is intent on bettering himself, making us the better in the process.

VAL VALENTINO- This charming magician put on a mask and pulled-off a coup. His biggest secret: he's the sweetest guy ever.

SERGIO VELLATTI- This young singer captured the Sinatra sound without ever trying. Big is beautiful, baby.

PAUL CRIK- Paul's philosophy: "Killin' it." He'll help you kill it, too. www.paulcrik.com

Hey? I love you guys. I do.




If you want to get something done in Las Vegas, you just have to call BRUCE MERRIN.

BRUCE MERRIN'S Celebrity Speakers & Entertainment Bureau is the best PR and ad agency in town.

The photo above should be captioned 'Royal Flush' because, thanks to Bruce, here I am, with KING ERRISSON and DR. SHELIA STIRLING.

NEIL DIAMOND'S conga drummer of 30-plus years, KING ERRISSON is the real King of Diamonds!

Now that's a pair to draw to!



FRANK SINATRA, JR., backed by a swinging 20-piece big band playing some of the best arrangements from the Great American Songbook, brings his fine show back to Las Vegas this weekend, at The Orleans.

If you go (and I hope you do) don't view it, him as a sequel. Excepting The Godfather, the follow-ups never measure-up. Instead, go to see a singer from the old school (actually, from the school they tore -down to build the old school) with a 50-plus year show business career doing what he loves: sharing great music.

FRANK SINATRA, JR. at The Orleans this Friday, Saturday and Sunday.

Sunday, November 7, 2010


It's Daylight Whatever time and I'm up early. With nothing on except those pricks at Fox Sunday, I put on Comedy Central and was blown-away by one of the FUNNIEST guys I've ever seen, ever.

Over the years, I've booked my share of comedians and consder funnymen like JUSTIN KREDIBLE, TOM DREESEN and JOHNNY DARK close personal friends. For many years, BUDD FRIEDMAN's Improv had a Las Vegas club located next door to our La Cage and Crazy Girls, upstairs at the Riviera Hotel & Casino. I'd often stop in to catch the next big thing. In addition to being the Riviera's Entertainment Director, SAM DISTEFANO was one of my best friends so when he'd suggest I check out a comic, I always would. FIELDING WEST, PAT HAZELL, GILBERT GOTTFRIED, and so many more that I kinda grew imune to it.

Becasue of all of that hilarity, today it's not easy to make me laugh. NICK THUNE is a comedy genius for serious but let's face it, most of the other comics have only a decent couple minutes: the rest is filler. But not JULIAN McCULLOUGH.

JULIAN McCULLOUGH is funny from start to finish.

If you will, watch Julian on YouTube telling the story of the lady on the bus with a chicken. It is funny as hell. Funnier.

JULIAN McCULLOUGH is a real artist, painting such vivid-and funny- pictures that won't be soon forgotten.

God bless all of the authentically funny comedians. Wait- He already has.


Saturday, November 6, 2010


"Happy Birthday."

There, I've written it. You have too, countless times. You've said it, sung it and probably meant it each time. Good for you. Not me, though.

When I got to be old enough to think about it, forgoing the angel food and forgetting Baskin & Robbin, it hit me. What's the big deal about your birthday? No, really?

I'm sure that, in past centuries it was a big deal to live, to survive. I mean, the infant mortality rate declined about 95% in the past century. In the past, when you made it to another year, it was really cause for celebration. Today? Not so much. What matters is what you've done with the past year, man.

Last night, at a very hip Hollywood nightclub on Sunset called Boulevard III* a special friend of mine had a party marking a quarter century of life. Twenty-five years? Hell, I've got girlfriends older than that. Wait, no I don't. Anyway, for many people, 25 is just a number, but for my talented friend, a guy who has accomplished so much, including likeable roles on television, in film and especially in "live" performances on stage, he's had a helluva year.

Several years ago, I got myself mixed-up in the shooting of a TV pilot. It was produced by a guy I knew with Ralph Edwards Productions and, if it'd sold, would have been one of the very first reality shows. MTV had a hit with 'The Real World' and everyone was trying to get into the act. Ralph Edwards had hit shows in the 50's, 60's & 70's like 'This Is Your Life,' 'The People's Court,' and 'Name That Tune,' and this was to be a mix of reality and game show. So, for whatever weird reason, back in the 90's, I was cast to appear in something to be called, 'Your Neighbors,' playing, well, playing myself. I'd made the mistake of telling a story on camera about how, on my birthday, I'd send my mother a 'Thank You' card, because, after all, she'd done all the work. The producer of the show got me to tell that story on the show, making me come off as a momma's boy. Oh, by the way, the entire show stunk. Last I heard, it was shown to prisoners down at Guantanamo who begged to be transfered to Abu Ghraib. I guess a water board is better than being bored to death.

How bad an actor was I ? Let me say it this way: last week I received my first offer to appear in a friend's pilot television show. In other words, it took fifteen years for the stink to disappear.

I like Boulevard III. I do. I'd go there with my young & restless friends when it was a cool poolhall. Last night it was filled with a new generation celebrating R.J. CANTU's birthday, and that's great, but if I were him, I'd send his mom a note because, twenty-five years ago, he didn't have any lines; she did all the work.

* Andrew Boulevard III is the host to hook you up.

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