Sunday, October 25, 2009


Word on the street (Fremont Street) is this: Illusionist JAN ROUVEN, the man with nine lives, has swung-into Las Vegas on his world tour, bringing with him the high energy excitment that only a hot young magician can create.

I like JAN ROUVEN, and admire his efforts presenting an exciting open air magic show. That's not an easy thing to do.

While I was experiencing the Fremont Street, I made a point to catch the America's Got Talent runners-up, MARIO & JENNY. I've known Mario's brother, TINO FERREIRA since we were both kids and what a fiery show MARIO & JENNY are putting on, turning-up the heat for real.

I also ran into Los Angeles close-up magician R.J.CANTU, who charmed the crowd with his own up-close and personal style. I'll bet we'll be seeing more CANTU MAGIC in Las Vegas soon.

Friday, October 23, 2009

I'll Let You In On A Secret

I've received a few nice compliments recently regarding some things I've written, and that's nice. Writing is kinda difficult. In fact, often, it's damn hard.

Last night, my writing partner and I spent some quality time with the most talented young comic magician, JUSTIN KREDIBLE. I mean, he's simply the best. We are all working together on a magic project starring JKred so I thought I'd let you in on a little secret: writing for JUSTIN KREDIBLE is easy. Really easy. And here's why: when you associate with people you like, work becomes play.

Now make no mistake, I take my job seriously. Maybe sometimes I'm a little too serious. For example, I'm one of two contributors to a Sirius Radio show and last week, I got into a heated argument with the show's host over the reading of a bit I had written. He ended up doing it my way; it killed and he thanked me.

Now the thing about JUSTIN KREDIBLE is that he's like an old pro, knowing what's right for him yet at the same time, he's open to new creative ideas. The result is a job that is fun.

Maybe you should consider finding a way to find the fun in your work?

When you associate with great people, your life becomes beautiful and your work becomes play.

Friday, October 16, 2009

Christmas with Bob Dylan


The voices of Christmas.

I never would of thought I'd add BOB DYLAN to my list of favorite holiday voices but, man, here he is, with a really great Christmas album, recorded early this year at Jackson Browne's studio.

Listening to this gives the feel of that special holiday party, where your weird friend or relative showed up with his guitar and entertained and amused everyone.

I really dig this album.

Bob's recording of "The Christmas Blues" is from the heart, indeed!

Dylan's at the Hard Rock Las Vegas this Sunday and, I've never seen him 'live,' but after listening to this fine album, I kinda wanna go.

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