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MARTIN AMIS on sex, money and movies. It is just as funny the second-time around.

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Radiotransinfo William Watters Internet Radio Part 2

JS: We are back and my guest is a friend of more than ten years, William Watters. Will, you didn't know we were live last hour?

WW: I tought we were taping. Prolly wouldn't have mentioned my penis so much, ya know?

JS: You got your start in radio.

WW: Smooth.

JS: Thanks.

WW: As a teenager. Eddie Hudson, the greatest voice on radio, was the voice of K-Bay, etc. Today there's a cool cat named Patrick with a Sirius Satellite show Coacktails with Patrick, a sexy pop culture show aimed at young women, where they go inside the male mind. That guy Patrick Meagher is the best guy I ever heard do radio ever. Ever."

JS: You were telling me that you wrote the Sinatra radio show.

WW: I wrote every word. Tony Anzaldo was like 17 and I was a year older and we first got into the National Association of Broadcasters, went to the big shindig in San Francisco. Yes, I have always believed in the power of radio.

JS: You couldn't practice law for a period, you got involved with bad people in the Nevada Black Book.

WW: Old news. I can now but I've dedicated myself to writing. BUt I was treated fairly and that's all in the past, plus I didn't talk about it then and as a result was suspended so I'm sure as hell not going to talk now.

Can I go back to broadcasters and tell you a Sinatra story? The old man was at Caesars, and his show had like 1000 members of the broadcast industry, radio and TV. I was quite young, hanging backstage, taking it all in. So after he does three opening songs he greets the broadcasters and then proceeds to lecture them, scolding them for saying "A-leven, A-mergency" and not Eleven, Emergency. They laughed but he was serious. Frank Sinatra watched a lot of news, always had CNN on in the dressing room. When he said things on stage, he meant them, that was his venue to talk straight becasue he wasn't speaking to anybody in the press. Imagine how amazing it was when Frank Sinatra recorded an interview with me, when he allowed me access to talk to him. Of course all we spoke of was music because I wasn't interested in the gossip. I wanted to know why he recorded this song again etc and I'll tell you, he wanted to know my opinions here and there. Seriously. Amazing.

JS: When Norbert Aleman came on the scene he hired you as his right hand man and he had like 5 or 6 shows going. How did that come about?

WW: I love Norbert. I miss him. He never calls but if ever needed anything, I'd be there. It was weird because Mr. Riklis who owned thr Riviera hired Frank Sinatra Jr's manager, Tino, who hired Jilly Rizzo and of course my best friend in show business Vinnie Falcone. Then Sam Distefano was named the VP of Entertainment so within a month, all my friends came into power.

I went to dinner with Frank Marino, oh, a while back. We're very good friends. I mean, we have different life styles but he calls and says he's taking me to Sinatra's at Wynn and he did, telling me he signed with Imperial Palace for his Divas. I was one of the very first to know. I am so fucking proud of that guy. He has this huge gay, hip following, like that great looking newsman on Channel 8, Chris? And I know they all must look at me and wonder how it is Frank and I are so close. Just wait, I'll have some cosmetics done and those bastards will be dying to meet me for a drink!

JS: Chris Saldana?

WW: What a good-and good looking newsman he is. You know I'm writing a TV script about a newsroom and have been watching loads of TV. Whit Johnson? He's on CBS network now but I first saw him here in Utah. What a great voice and a handsome guy! Him I like too.

JS: You are writing novels but you told me you want to write a Las Vegas entertainment book.

WW: I do. I will. I started on with our mutual friend Jahana Steele. Then I talked to Frank Marino. I have some taped interviews with Joey Bishop that he did with me. We would fly down to Orange County every week and Joey liked me so one day he said "Why don't you tape this?" I got out my little Sony. I'd taped Frank Sinatra talking about the big bands, about Bogie and even about The Beatles. and Sammy shared some great stuff too.

I want to call upon someone like Louie Anderson. He understands good writing. He isn't afraid to open a vein and bleed on the page. I wonder if he might work with me. Hey Lou? Get me a jelly doughnut, Lou.

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DECEMBER 14, 2010

Tranzscipt- William Watters December 2010

JS:I guess I should start by saying that we have been friends for a few years and that I'm a fan of your writing and the work that you do.

WILLIAM WATTERS: That means, what? What I do to feed the needy?

JS:No, I was meaning that I've seen some of the production shows you have worked on in Las Vegas, in Lake Tahoe and know of the fact that you have done all kinda work that is uncredited. Some of your talents go unsung.

WW: Well let's start singing, babe.

JS:You don't mean that but I do have a list of questions that listeners can learn from if you will be serious and answer them. The first one is very personal.

WW: Eight and a-half.

JS:You don't need to tell me. I have been to your all night pool parties back in the day.

WW: Settle down.

JS: You forget that you dated my best friend for a while.

WW: And his name was what?

JS: Funny but that brings up a rumor that you're gay.

WW: I like to say I'm 17% gay.

JS: But you're straight so why keep it up?

WW: SOunds like a stright line. I'd like to get something straight between us. Do you know I actually used that line?

JS: Did it ever work?

WW: Who the hell knows? The truth-and this is really the truth- I had a hell-of-a-lot of fun back in the day. We'd go out and night always with sunglasses, because you'd need them at some point.

JS: Did you ever get into drug use?

WW: Hey, it was the 60's!

JS: No it wasn't. It was the late 90's.

WW:Can I tell you some serious stuff? Seriously? What I am most proud of over all the years is the positive things I've done to encourage talent. I mean that and I know it sounds corny but I was the guy who always tried to help, to help make it work, from An Evening at La Cage to Splash to Peter Jackson's Abrakadabra.

JS:Where you slept with 80% of the cast, by the way.

WW: Hey, I was sleepy.

JS:How has Las Vegas changed?

WW: It's all Cirque, which is gross. Too much shit happening all over the stage, nobody has to be great. All about costumes and music that's too goddamn loud.

JS:You worked with many headliners from Sammy Davis to...

WW: I love Jerry Lewis. I loved him when I was a little kid, I adored him when I worked as a page on the telethon when it was at Caesars and I am crazy about him today. Jerry Lewis is a great man.

JS: What about all the new magicians?

WW: Most of them suck. They have no idea who they are, they don't understand that they are playing a characger. Houdini was a character. Val Valentino was a character, who played the Masked Magician.

JS: Where is Valentino?

WW: Witness Protection i think. No, actually he's a huge star world-wide. he's in Brazil now where they love him.

JS: When's the last time you spoke?

WW: This morning. Look, if I'm your friend, it's for always. There's a magician named Jason Latimer. The best I ever saw at what he does.

JS: Do you rep him?

WW: I've never met him, although he was so cool as to suggest a lunch in LA with his people. He's a cool one. R.J. Cantu is a young actor who gets the magic, the role of the magician. My money's on him. Him I love. Justin Willman is kicking ass all over the world. I'd take credit but some cat named Jason Mraz loves him more. He's great and I'm proud we're friends. He's got a manager named Michael Schibel who is a real hustler and you know I mean that in the greatest way. It's like when your coach told you to hustle, you know?

JS: Not a clue, but you know I love you Will. So tell us, is Las Vegas entertainment dead?

WW: Yes but I can revive it. I know how. Give me a lounge, a small showroom and space on the sign and I will pack people in, I swear. Right now, however, everyone's doing the bottle service shit.

JS: Can you stay for some more questions?

WW: The truth? I have nothing to do until like 2012. No, I'm hard at work on a new novel and am punching-up a screenplay for my brothers at Warner.

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He's an easy going guy, a fine journalist who works hard at getting it right, but never seeming to get uptight in the process. Since 1999 he's been telling Las Vegas Review~Journal readers what's what, penning two books and throughout it all, keeping it real.

He is NORM CLARKE and he's so the man.

I have friends, clients and so many talented associates who stay up late, trying to get thier names into the #1 show business column in Las Vegas- NORM! Imagine how flattered I was when yesterday, in honoring what would have been FRANK SINATRA'S birthday, I discovered that NORM's Sunday column included a few quotes from me. It meant so much to a guy who hates getting press, but who loves knowing good journalists. DOUG ELFMAN always crafts columns that are interesting to the very last drop of ink, beautifully covering my beautiful friend JASON MRAZ and so many other talented performers. Doug always finds a hip, cool angle and he's an angel, really, but I start most days online seeing what's doin by clicking onto my man NORM. So do hundreds of thousands of others.

The late DICK MAURICE from the Las Vegas Sun was always kind to me and DON USHERSON was cool a time or two but nobody has the street cred-or Twitter tread- like NORM CLARKE. To paraphrase the film Butch Cassidy, if Norm told me I left town five minutes ago, I'd believe him.

NORM launched his successful career after winning a $50,000 state lottery. I won $100,000 on a TV gameshow and am having fun making risky investments and practicing risky behavior. We may be different but one thing's for sure: if NORM puts it in writing, you can take it to the bank, or casino. That you can bet on, baby.


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House of H2o knows a bit about magic and magicians and we've been following the rise of R.J. CANTU.

R.J. CANTU. the likeable young ABC-Family actor, has been hard at work re-working the art of magic. With exciting lighting and high-energy staging, R.J. is hitting the L.A. clubs hard, performing his magic to a pounding, pumping sound that's blowing people away, night-after-magical night. Each show seemingly breaks out spontaneously with a hot D.J. fashioning fresh sounds to help score R.J's amazing performances. It's the nuts!

R.J. CANTU is the Next Big Thing. The Next Big Fucking Thing.

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DAX ------------------------------------------- MAX

I received a nice note from a friend saying that he LOVED that blond guy on TMZ that I'm always talking about.

Wait, MAX or DAX? There's a pretty big difference, man.

DAX will hand you a photo, tell you to turn it on its edge, squint, stand on your head and, in black light you can just about see the girl's rack.

MAX will just straight-up say, "Hey, nice lady lumps, Babe!"

DAX is a really sweet guy, a good man who posts photos with his beautiful wife in front of historic European landmarks.
MAX will shoot off iPhone pics with topless chicks on the beach at Santa Monica.

I love TMZ. I do. The host, HARVEY LEVIN, is a PAUL ANKA stunt double who keeps everything moving. There's a dark-haired girl at the far right with great glasses and beautiful teeth. She's looks like the hot daughter of the porn version of SARAH PALIN. Plus she gets to sit next to Max which must be a gas, or just gassy.

On the other side is the pretty blond who is too cool to sit up straight. She happily talks about penis and other fun stuff and I know she'd be a riot on a date.

The former fatty knows more about Las Vegas (and, oddly, Laughlin Nevada) than anyone. The dude in the thick glasses behind the computer is definitely the subversive on the set. I dig the two chuckle heads in back, cracking-up each other and never shaving. Oh, and I think Charles is the coolist guy in the TMZ world. There's EDDIE ADAMS in the way back, like the piano player in a whorehouse, ready to deny knowing anyone if the cops arrive. He's the smart one!

So which blond guy is the one to love? MAX or DAX?

Well, if you're DAX's wife, I know who'll you'd pick. Me too. I love MAX!


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In our continuing effort to increase traffic on our site, we post this, just knowing plenty of CIA and National Security types will be clicking on to see what's what.

To those of you hoping to cut-into some terrorist plot: you can eat it, too.

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If you're reading this on FACEBOOK, please provide a caption to this photo. First place wins a night with me, Second place wins two nights.

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A gift from Christmas present.

House of H2o wishes you a beautiful future.


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