Wednesday, December 8, 2010


DAX ------------------------------------------- MAX

I received a nice note from a friend saying that he LOVED that blond guy on TMZ that I'm always talking about.

Wait, MAX or DAX? There's a pretty big difference, man.

DAX will hand you a photo, tell you to turn it on its edge, squint, stand on your head and, in black light you can just about see the girl's rack.

MAX will just straight-up say, "Hey, nice lady lumps, Babe!"

DAX is a really sweet guy, a good man who posts photos with his beautiful wife in front of historic European landmarks.
MAX will shoot off iPhone pics with topless chicks on the beach at Santa Monica.

I love TMZ. I do. The host, HARVEY LEVIN, is a PAUL ANKA stunt double who keeps everything moving. There's a dark-haired girl at the far right with great glasses and beautiful teeth. She's looks like the hot daughter of the porn version of SARAH PALIN. Plus she gets to sit next to Max which must be a gas, or just gassy.

On the other side is the pretty blond who is too cool to sit up straight. She happily talks about penis and other fun stuff and I know she'd be a riot on a date.

The former fatty knows more about Las Vegas (and, oddly, Laughlin Nevada) than anyone. The dude in the thick glasses behind the computer is definitely the subversive on the set. I dig the two chuckle heads in back, cracking-up each other and never shaving. Oh, and I think Charles is the coolist guy in the TMZ world. There's EDDIE ADAMS in the way back, like the piano player in a whorehouse, ready to deny knowing anyone if the cops arrive. He's the smart one!

So which blond guy is the one to love? MAX or DAX?

Well, if you're DAX's wife, I know who'll you'd pick. Me too. I love MAX!


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