Tuesday, December 14, 2010

DECEMBER 14, 2010

Tranzscipt- William Watters December 2010

JS:I guess I should start by saying that we have been friends for a few years and that I'm a fan of your writing and the work that you do.

WILLIAM WATTERS: That means, what? What I do to feed the needy?

JS:No, I was meaning that I've seen some of the production shows you have worked on in Las Vegas, in Lake Tahoe and know of the fact that you have done all kinda work that is uncredited. Some of your talents go unsung.

WW: Well let's start singing, babe.

JS:You don't mean that but I do have a list of questions that listeners can learn from if you will be serious and answer them. The first one is very personal.

WW: Eight and a-half.

JS:You don't need to tell me. I have been to your all night pool parties back in the day.

WW: Settle down.

JS: You forget that you dated my best friend for a while.

WW: And his name was what?

JS: Funny but that brings up a rumor that you're gay.

WW: I like to say I'm 17% gay.

JS: But you're straight so why keep it up?

WW: SOunds like a stright line. I'd like to get something straight between us. Do you know I actually used that line?

JS: Did it ever work?

WW: Who the hell knows? The truth-and this is really the truth- I had a hell-of-a-lot of fun back in the day. We'd go out and night always with sunglasses, because you'd need them at some point.

JS: Did you ever get into drug use?

WW: Hey, it was the 60's!

JS: No it wasn't. It was the late 90's.

WW:Can I tell you some serious stuff? Seriously? What I am most proud of over all the years is the positive things I've done to encourage talent. I mean that and I know it sounds corny but I was the guy who always tried to help, to help make it work, from An Evening at La Cage to Splash to Peter Jackson's Abrakadabra.

JS:Where you slept with 80% of the cast, by the way.

WW: Hey, I was sleepy.

JS:How has Las Vegas changed?

WW: It's all Cirque, which is gross. Too much shit happening all over the stage, nobody has to be great. All about costumes and music that's too goddamn loud.

JS:You worked with many headliners from Sammy Davis to...

WW: I love Jerry Lewis. I loved him when I was a little kid, I adored him when I worked as a page on the telethon when it was at Caesars and I am crazy about him today. Jerry Lewis is a great man.

JS: What about all the new magicians?

WW: Most of them suck. They have no idea who they are, they don't understand that they are playing a characger. Houdini was a character. Val Valentino was a character, who played the Masked Magician.

JS: Where is Valentino?

WW: Witness Protection i think. No, actually he's a huge star world-wide. he's in Brazil now where they love him.

JS: When's the last time you spoke?

WW: This morning. Look, if I'm your friend, it's for always. There's a magician named Jason Latimer. The best I ever saw at what he does.

JS: Do you rep him?

WW: I've never met him, although he was so cool as to suggest a lunch in LA with his people. He's a cool one. R.J. Cantu is a young actor who gets the magic, the role of the magician. My money's on him. Him I love. Justin Willman is kicking ass all over the world. I'd take credit but some cat named Jason Mraz loves him more. He's great and I'm proud we're friends. He's got a manager named Michael Schibel who is a real hustler and you know I mean that in the greatest way. It's like when your coach told you to hustle, you know?

JS: Not a clue, but you know I love you Will. So tell us, is Las Vegas entertainment dead?

WW: Yes but I can revive it. I know how. Give me a lounge, a small showroom and space on the sign and I will pack people in, I swear. Right now, however, everyone's doing the bottle service shit.

JS: Can you stay for some more questions?

WW: The truth? I have nothing to do until like 2012. No, I'm hard at work on a new novel and am punching-up a screenplay for my brothers at Warner.

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