Sunday, August 24, 2008


So I'm taking a little break from writing and decided to play some music. I'm listening to Jason Mraz "Live High'' and his music allows me to do just that!

(Note: Someone asked me why I don't write about John Mayer and I told them that he does enough of that himself.)

Jason Mraz is without a single doubt the best lyricist writing today. I don't know if it's his background in musical theater, his respect for pop, hip hop, jazz, rock, Kenny Rankin and all things that rhyme and chime in the night, but whatever unique combination makes up the music that is Mraz, count me as a loyal listener, as a guy changed for the better. Oh, and if they ever want to make a GREAT remake of The Wizard of Oz, commission Jason Mraz to do the score. If ever a musical wiz there was, it's him... Mraz is every bit as good as Yip Harburg, Johnny Mercer and Larry Hart put together.

I can't wait to hear what's next!

Friday, August 15, 2008

No, this isn't my deadshot

No, I'm NOT dead! Just dead tired.

It's weird seeing a picture of yourself sleeping. In college, a girlfriend told me that my eyes didn't quite close all the way when I slept, saying that it kinda freaked her out.
I remember being glad that she didn't have any other complaints.
A few years ago, while being fitted for a contact lens, the doc told me the same thing, saying that my lids don't shut all the way. I told him he was lucky that he didn't have to sleep with me to notice. He didn't get it and I don't see him anymore.

So anyway, for some weird reason, late last night, a sleep-over-type friend snapped this of me while I was unconscious.I was up late editing my new novel and then just crashed.
I just hope I look better when I'm dead.

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