Friday, August 15, 2008

No, this isn't my deadshot

No, I'm NOT dead! Just dead tired.

It's weird seeing a picture of yourself sleeping. In college, a girlfriend told me that my eyes didn't quite close all the way when I slept, saying that it kinda freaked her out.
I remember being glad that she didn't have any other complaints.
A few years ago, while being fitted for a contact lens, the doc told me the same thing, saying that my lids don't shut all the way. I told him he was lucky that he didn't have to sleep with me to notice. He didn't get it and I don't see him anymore.

So anyway, for some weird reason, late last night, a sleep-over-type friend snapped this of me while I was unconscious.I was up late editing my new novel and then just crashed.
I just hope I look better when I'm dead.

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