Sunday, December 12, 2010


He's an easy going guy, a fine journalist who works hard at getting it right, but never seeming to get uptight in the process. Since 1999 he's been telling Las Vegas Review~Journal readers what's what, penning two books and throughout it all, keeping it real.

He is NORM CLARKE and he's so the man.

I have friends, clients and so many talented associates who stay up late, trying to get thier names into the #1 show business column in Las Vegas- NORM! Imagine how flattered I was when yesterday, in honoring what would have been FRANK SINATRA'S birthday, I discovered that NORM's Sunday column included a few quotes from me. It meant so much to a guy who hates getting press, but who loves knowing good journalists. DOUG ELFMAN always crafts columns that are interesting to the very last drop of ink, beautifully covering my beautiful friend JASON MRAZ and so many other talented performers. Doug always finds a hip, cool angle and he's an angel, really, but I start most days online seeing what's doin by clicking onto my man NORM. So do hundreds of thousands of others.

The late DICK MAURICE from the Las Vegas Sun was always kind to me and DON USHERSON was cool a time or two but nobody has the street cred-or Twitter tread- like NORM CLARKE. To paraphrase the film Butch Cassidy, if Norm told me I left town five minutes ago, I'd believe him.

NORM launched his successful career after winning a $50,000 state lottery. I won $100,000 on a TV gameshow and am having fun making risky investments and practicing risky behavior. We may be different but one thing's for sure: if NORM puts it in writing, you can take it to the bank, or casino. That you can bet on, baby.


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