Sunday, October 25, 2009


Word on the street (Fremont Street) is this: Illusionist JAN ROUVEN, the man with nine lives, has swung-into Las Vegas on his world tour, bringing with him the high energy excitment that only a hot young magician can create.

I like JAN ROUVEN, and admire his efforts presenting an exciting open air magic show. That's not an easy thing to do.

While I was experiencing the Fremont Street, I made a point to catch the America's Got Talent runners-up, MARIO & JENNY. I've known Mario's brother, TINO FERREIRA since we were both kids and what a fiery show MARIO & JENNY are putting on, turning-up the heat for real.

I also ran into Los Angeles close-up magician R.J.CANTU, who charmed the crowd with his own up-close and personal style. I'll bet we'll be seeing more CANTU MAGIC in Las Vegas soon.

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