Thursday, November 25, 2010


I have lived my entire adult life in Las Vegas, Nevada, and, over the past twenty years, I've worked with most of the big name stars and high energy shows, helping make me one of many Las Vegas spokesmen. I love that and I love the tourists.

It's Thanksgiving and I'm at the Las Vegas Hilton Sportsbook when a cool young guy comes over to my table and asks for directions to a place south of us, just off of Dean Martin Drive.

I knew DEAN MARTIN at the end of his career and was so proud when Clark County renamed Industrial Road DEAN MARTIN Drive. I'll cherish every funny memory of this memorable star and am so proud to know members of the family, especially the talented singer and radio host DEANA MARTIN.

I happily give the guy directions, which he types into his iPhone, checks the Google map, shakes my hand and then leaves. A minute later he comes back into the sportsbook and, over the noise of multi-football broadcasts and loads of other losers like me who are spending the holiday in a casino, yells, "Hey? What do I do after I go down on RICKY MARTIN?"

You couldn't make up a funnier moment. It was like in the movies when everything stops. I think I even heard the scratch of a record, bringing the place to a screeching halt.


Then, the laughter exploded.

The young guy was embarrassed. He held up his hand, hushed the crowd and said, "Okay, okay, my bad. I meant to say: What do I do after I go down on DEAN MARTIN."

An old timer looked up from his Racing Form and yelled back, "Ask Mrs. Martin."

I love Las Vegas.

Happy Thanksgiving.

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