Wednesday, November 17, 2010


I'm just going to do it, open up, just let you know what I'm working with. You see, I tend to drop the names of my beautiful and talented friends, and can't wait to write about their successes but I now feel the need to let you know the truth about me, about the kind of man I am, I want to be.

I continue to be inspired by a select group of talented people, beautiful souls who move me in many ways, and while I'll only hint at specfics, I'm naming names. The list will never be complete as it continues to grow, but at the core are people I love. Yup, I said it, I LOVE THEM, YOU. Tonight it's some of the most beautiful guys. This list is an example of the kind of people I'm proud to have influenced my life and, sometimes, me theirs.

I am inspired to continue to try to be the kind of person I fancy myself. And who is that? I'll tell you- I want to be that soft voice in your ear, the guy who says, "You can do it," or "I am so proud of you," or maybe just, "Fucking great!"

But I'm more than a voice, I'm a man of action. I am ready to do whetever I can to help you move from where you are to where you wish to be. You want to work New Years? Good, I'll help set it up and gladly write your opening remarks. You need a tune for that convention show? I'll happily co-write a song. You need a name and number? Call me, I'll look it up.

I'm not in any position to be specific, but please know that I have done some helpful things over the years, but those stories are for others to tell-or not. I just want you to know that I live to continue to work with talented people. I'll not-so-humbly put myself among the artists; another, more stable part of me is here to assist the writer who struggles everyday.


Guys can be beautiful. Here are some who come to mind, eleven real forces of pop culture that move us all-

JASON MRAZ- Shares his love of music with the world. Jason reminds us of a simple truth: leap and the net will appear.

EVAN LOWENSTEIN- This talented singer is also a savvy businessman. is a beautiful thing, man.

JON MARRO- What an artist and teacher. If each of us creates our own reality, Jon's is really, really beautiful.

BEN EASTER- The actor and photographer has become an expert on the art that he loves. He hugs his talent and I love that.

NICK THUNE- The most original comedian of our time. Nick Thune is a genius, and I never use that word.

JUSTIN WILLMAN- The likeable, magical emcee and TV host is soon to be a superstar. Bet on it, him.

JOSH HENDERSON- The coolist young actor in Hollywood who is fast becoming a respected pop singer. Beautiful for serious.

R.J. CANTU- This ABC-Family actor and close-up magician is intent on bettering himself, making us the better in the process.

VAL VALENTINO- This charming magician put on a mask and pulled-off a coup. His biggest secret: he's the sweetest guy ever.

SERGIO VELLATTI- This young singer captured the Sinatra sound without ever trying. Big is beautiful, baby.

PAUL CRIK- Paul's philosophy: "Killin' it." He'll help you kill it, too.

Hey? I love you guys. I do.


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