Tuesday, November 30, 2010


The House of H2o is the place where people come for a fresh take on what's poppin' in pop culture. We've helped discover new talent, predict winning performers and done our part to promote some very cool projects, and we're just getting started.

In 2008, we found WILLIAM WATTERS, a longtime Las Vegas entertainment attorney and talent manager who had given it all up to dedicate his creative life to writing. Two novels, three television pilots, a screenplay and now a reality series later, H2o is proud of our this hip writer. The world was saying that writing didn't matter but WILLIAM WATTERS went the other way.

We're sifting through the hype so we can help point out the authentic things, the real talent, the originals. From comedy genius NICK THUNE, who will be taking his one of a kind humor to a new TV venue when he appears on CONAN in January to SERGIO VELLATTI who is lining- up jazz club dates in Hollywood, 2011 promises to be epic. We hear that EVAN LOWENSTEIN'S StageIt.com is going to take the art of intimate performance to a whole new level. Las Vegas loves a winner and EVAN LOWENSTEIN is the guy to bet on. Young R.J. CANTU's first major motion picture is a mystery set in Hollywood. 'Footprints' premiers on the east and left coast in March.

This coming year will see THE MAKEPEACE BROTHERS spreading their love to many more millions of music lovers. We are happily keeping an eye-and ear- on actor, singer JOSH HENDERSON who continues to prove that when you follow your bliss, the universe will support you.

2011's gonna be the nuts!

As the holidays approach, we ask you to remember not to drink and drive. Please do drink, however. And when you make your friend a Jack Daniels and whatever, don't forget to use GOOD ICE. Friends don't let friends drink drinks with bad ice.

Those limp -dick half-moon cubes that come plopping out of your refrigerator door are sometimes fun to suck on but for drinks, well, they suck.

Get out those old metal ice cube trays, fill them with warm H2o and freeze 'em up. Your friends-and drinks-deserve good ice, baby.

House of H2o is proud to suggest:

www.Kold- Draft.com. These guys have one cool company.


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