Monday, July 21, 2008


Where in the world is Michael Jackson? Well, here's right here in Las Vegas.

I know because I ran into him over the weekend. (Actually? he ran into ME.) No big deal- he was in a wheelchair and bumped-into me at a local bookstore. My foot is fine, thanks.

Which store? Well, my SECOND favorite bookstore chain... the one that has a strict policy of NOT TELLING when celebrities come in.

Recent gossip magazines are running photos of MJ taken at the West Charleston Barnes & Noble, a store that employes really cool people (especially in their cafe) but Mike ran into me across town, at a store where I am proud to say, I'm kinda well known.

"Um... sorry," the high-pitched voice said, softly.

"No, no, my fault,' I replied.

Now I'm no Michael Jackson expert, but I can say with confidence that the pop star is a gentleman. Smooth on his feet, sloppy in his wheelchair, Michael Jackson is a gentle man.

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