Friday, July 11, 2008


You wanna know THE BEST Sinatra album to buy right now? One that holds up so well? A great set of songs that sounds so fresh? Perfect music for these HOT summer nights that roll into steamy mornings? Are you growing weary of the questions? Don't you think I am too?


You know, Frank Sinatra never sounded more laid-back, soft and straight-up smooth. This is Bossa Nova at its best.

What is Bossa Nova? (WTF? Now you're asking questions???)

I am told that the term means 'new trend,' and that when a musician plays or sings 'bossa' they do it with style.

Bossa Nova is of course built upon a Samba rhythm (which comes from Africa) so Bossa Nova IS Jazz, and in the hands of
Antonio Carlos Jobim (one of the inventors of this sound) Jazz never felt so good.

I heard 'Ol Blue Eyes sing songs from this album live on dozens of occasions here in Las Vegas and in other venues during the 80's and always noticed how he concentrated on the lyrics, singing softly, with eyes closed.

This summer- why not download some bossa music, man.

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