Monday, February 22, 2010


A very talented singer posted something quite interesting on Facebook. I am an admirer of his music-his twin brother's too. I love those guys and it's A Long Road To Love, ya know? On his Facebook page, he questioned why some people, as soon as you accept their fb request, right away ask if you'd like to become their fan. That's kinda like picking up a hitchhiker who then asks you for a campaign contribution. Weird.

Here's the thing: I am a fan-a real fan- of many talented people. A few childhood friends have grown up to become some of our greatest actors and I've befriended a few sensational musicians and magicians along the way. I've represented my share of Las Vegas shows and big names but never did any star suggest I become their fan.

There are some fine fan clubs, but they are run by fans, not by a person seeking admiration. For whatever odd reason, Facebook allows questionably talented people to boldly ask for fans and I'm pretty sure that's not how it happens.

There are some really talented people I admire so much, some I follow on Facebook. The best news reporter I've ever seen- WHIT JOHNSON of CBS News- is a great broadcaster. Local Las Vegas newsman CHRIS SALDANA is a real pro and a fine community citizen. The young artist MATTIA BARBIERI is doing such intersting work in Italy and I use Facebook to follow him. These are three quick examples of guys I love. I love them for serious, but not in that way and I wouldn't want to limit my feelings by becoming a fan. I'm more than that.

Facebook? I'm not a fan, boy.

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