Friday, August 6, 2010


I watched daytime TV today. 'The View.' No, really, I did. All those women talking all at once was like some kind of torture. I felt like a guy who lost his voice and found himself locked in the ladies room, with nothing to do but listen. Geez!

Television today sucks. It is unimaginative, tedious and trifling. But when I was growing up, it was better.

I tuned-into 'The View,' to catch the always likable JUSTIN WILLMAN (AKA JUSTIN KREDIBLE) promote his Food Network show 'Cupcake Wars.' He was good... he always is.

Less and less people are watching television and the reason is television is less and less good. Programs are worse as commercials get better. If this keeps up, it'll be just one big colorful smear. But I can fix it, if you'll let me.

Dear Hollywood:

May I suggest: MATCH GAME '10.

'Match Game' was a nice gameshow, a 'Hollywood Squares, Lite,' that ran on CBS and later in syndication. I say bring it back.
Gene Rayburn was a pleasent, affable host and guests like Charles Nelson Reilly, Brett Somers and especially Richard Dawson made for a fun half hour of televsion.

MATCH GAME '10 should be hosted by JUSTIN WILLMAN, with newer versions of the 70's stars. Instead of CNReilly, maybe Andy Dick. Brett Somers was fine, and today, Kathy Griffin would be great. As for the always clever Dawson? Well, NICK THUNE would do nicely, mate.

Hey TV executives, here's an idea: ENTERTAIN US! There is no lack of talent, personalities with whom I know America would love to spend some daytime.

If you guys ignore my suggestion, then you are (BLANK) heads.


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