Monday, March 28, 2011


There's a guy, PAUL CRIK who has this website:

When you have a few minutes, maybe go to and look in on what he is doing because I'll tell ya, what he's doing is authentic and original, weird and interesting. And helpful. I don't want to forget helpful.

Paul and his team visited Las Vegas recently and I ended up sitting-down with Paul, Ben and Caroline for a discussion of the issues of the day. AFTER nearly two hours I discovered that they were taping the who thing, filming actually, and from several different angles. At first I felt like one of those Congressmen caught stuffing their pockets full of cash, but then I reminded myself: there was no cash, I hold no office.
(Note: There WAS a big bottle of Jack Daniel's that, at some point was opended and sipped from.)

Clips from that discussion may at some point show up online. I hope so because I'm pretty sure I was brilliant and by that I mean my hair looked good. Oh, and I also said nice stuff about Las Vegas.

I happen to like PAUL CRIK and I am inspired by the work he is doing. They call it Killin' It and he is, they are.

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