Tuesday, May 17, 2011


I'm sitting outside a Coffee Bean on Sunset in West Hollywood, sipping an iced coffee and talking to a friend. He and I have some of the same addictions and, a common dealer. In fact, "our guy" does business down an alley just across from us.

So he's telling me a great story about a dancer we both knew when, for the third time in three minutes we're interrupted. This time, there wasn't even an apology, just giggling girls holding out a pen and paper. He politely signed and then said, "Hey, Will? You wanna see something? I mean, really something?"

When that's put to me, the answer is always "Yes," and so, we split, me following this talented guy to his house. We made it up there in less than four minutes but it took him ten to get the safe open, eventually remembering his birthday, (his real birthday).

I peeked-in, expecting, like in so many movies (some starring him, by the way) to see dope, bearer bonds,maybe photos of him with a dead girl (or a live boy) but no, besides a stack of cash that he called "mad money," there was just one file. He handed it to me, saying, "You'll wanna sit down," nodding to a leather chair next to a lamp that was now burning brightly.

I looked down and then right away up. "Are you fucking kidding me?

A familiar smile and then that famous laugh. "I warned you."

According to the so-called experts, the most valuable autograph is: WILLIAM SHAKESPEARE. Now I was told, years ago by a very nice lady who raises money for foundations that there were only six such signatures in existence, however, our friend (and dealer) HARVEY JASON at MYSTERY PIER BOOKS knows of more. In fact, here I am, holding one in my hot hands.

If you like your Nook, or Kindle or iPad or other such shit, good for you, and I mean that, I do.

If you like books-real books, first editions in mint condition or "slightly foxed" versions, then you're my kinda guy, doll.


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