Saturday, May 1, 2010


Jon Marro is beautiful.

It came down to nine words.

A while back, a very nice email came in, in reply to something I'd written. It was from JON MARRO and it changed me. It changes me still.

JON MARRO is the creative force behind Blend Apparel, the T-shirt company run with passion and purpose, one of the leaders in practicing 'sacred commerce,' connecting business with the greatest good for all. Jon's designs are thought provokingly clever while mind blowingly simple, sometimes joking but always evoking higher love.

JON MARRO is really the artist of our generation.

Like many, I'm still learning how to accept a compliment so when Jon's nine words were received, I had to work really hard to be open to them, him.

There are moments, sacred really, when someone says just the right thing at just the right time. In books and on film, characters do it on cue but when it happens in your life, time stops.

Responding to my first novel, Jon wrote:


It's a phrase that echoes in my head, a line I've now used to compliment and inspire others. It's a beautiful thought. A gifted young actor, a brilliant comedian, a contemporary poet and a talented singer have all recently received those nine words from me as a way to recognize their past efforts and encourage future creativity.

JON MARRO's nine words tuck you in snug at night but then get you up and inspired the next day.

I wasn't sure how to pay Jon back for his beautiful gift until I stopped thinking and started feeling about it. It was obvious that the present was too big for little me, too thick to jam into my pocket, too loud to keep under the bed. No, the way to go is to share it with the world, one talented person at a time.

Here's hoping they continue sharing.


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