Friday, February 29, 2008


Looking over some recent emails (keep those emails coming to: it hit me- HEY I SHOULD PROVIDE WEBSITES TO YA'LL.

Check out the beautiful Jahna at:  I'm on the way to some joint called E String Bar & Grill for a party celebrating Jahna's life. Man, I wish she were here to go with me.

On a lighter note, the multi-talented JASON HEWLETT can be found at, (where else?)-  Check out my man Jason. He did the Ricky Martin thing-live on the Legends stage, then, ran back and dressed as Elton, returning to play and sing ' Croc Rock' so well that nobody in the audience knew he did both. Remember the name: Jason Hewlett!

Is BOB ANDERSON the best? Yup. Still is, but even Bob has an eye (and ear) on young Jason.
I'll be reviewing Bob Anderson backed by Vinnie Falcone & Co., in LA and Palm Springs with Jack Jones. Check out the LA Reviews website for the 411.

  Check for new blogs about sexual fantasies. I've been listening to way too much "Cocktails With Patrick" (the GREATEST voice on radio today, even if it is Serius Cosmo, man, he has the coolist DJ voice ever!). 

Do you know JOHN BARROWMAN? What a super-cool singer! Check out his version of LaCage's "I Am What I Am," on YouTube as it is the very best ever. What a great talent. I hate him...I'm just sayin'.   

I wrote reviews of "Jumper" (only 3 stars but I dug it) and "In Bruses" (4 stars and it is off da hook!).

Until next time...

"Keep the baby, Faith." 

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