Tuesday, May 27, 2008


I am a contributing writer to a pop music website and so won't take up too much webspace reviewing any CD's here, but, I just have to encourage you to give a listen to "Love For A Child," a sensational song on Jason Mraz's 'We Sing, We Dance, We Steal Things.'

I caught Mraz & Co. on Leno last week, doing a kind-of dragging "I'm Yours," the happy single from the new CD. It was fine and WSWDWST has some pretty good songs to underscore your summer but, when I got to the ballad "Love For A Child," I had to pull the car over to the side of the road, as it's pretty hard to drive well with tears in your eyes. I replayed track 6, and then, there came those tears again!

Wow. Jason Mraz was always so clever with the rhymes, and the words that don't quite rhyme as well. He's the emo dude who steals away from the party and you catch him upstairs with your girlfriend, humming & strumming away.

He has written some fine songs along the way. "Bella Luna" and especially "Life is Wonderful" are great but now? This very personal, moving song is way more than anything I ever saw coming. Like maybe Lennon had a daughter who married McCartney's son and they had a kid who inherited John's sharp edge and Paul's soft side and had the balls to tell the truth. Life may well be wonderful, but it isn't without pain. This song never complains, it explains and I love it, him for that!

LOVE FOR A CHILD is a very brave move, a beautiful, meaningful song for the ages. Real men cry and really talented real men are honest enough to open up the family photo album, bravely pointing out the rough stuff.

I always knew Jason Mraz was cute and astute; rhyming and timing like nobody ever. But hey- I never saw this coming.

A guy who'll play it by turning -up his cards prior to the flop is a guy brave enough to bet on.

Me? I'm in... I'm all in.

*****Note the above artwork- it is simply genius*****

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