Thursday, February 26, 2009


So here's the thing about magic:

When done well, a magician can take an audience to places they've never dreamed of. A well- presented routine touches memories no longer remembered, stimulates dreams hidden away in the mind, tucked back into secret places where quiet thoughts flow.

Nothing is sexier than a cool magician leading his audience into the unknown. I mean, it is THE BEST! And what I've noticed is that almost every magician working today doesn't get it, doesn't seem to understand even the basic elements of what they are doing- or rather, trying to do. Copperfield is the very best at what he does. Nobody does it like David. And this comes from a guy who would watch the show- twice-a- night, for weeks.

Too many ('most') of young magicians working today talk too much, and I mean WAY WAY too much. But then, just as I begin to lose hope, along comes a guy like R.J. CANTU.

Maybe it's because R.J. is a trained actor, with heartthrob appearances on shows like The Secret Life of the American Teenager, maybe that's why this guy understands the roaring power that flows from silence. Perhaps it takes an actor to understand that less is more.

Let's be clear- I am not against magicians who talk on stage. It is great, IF you are David Copperfield.

Now there is an INCREDIBLE young comic magician whose regular apperances on daytime talk shows have established him as THE NEXT BIG THING. This guy is the most likeable magician ever, a guy you'd be happy to have a beer with, even after he disappeared your wallet. If you are JUSTIN KREDIBLE, you can own the stage, your audience will hang on your every word.

So, to the 99% of magicians working today (and I am rounding down, so you'll know), I say:


And, while you're not talking, take a look at a brilliant young close-up magician, R.J. CANTU.


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