Friday, March 6, 2009


So I've pretty much lived in the same neighborhood my entire adult life.

And I kinda like it that way, so's ya know.

I often walk over to the neighborhood Barnes & Noble (actually? I was one of this locations opening day customers, many years ago- wow).

Today was a Sunny & 70-ish day and the guys on their skateboards buzzed by me. I like those guys.

The kid with the long blond hair high-five'n me as he went around my right. Nice kid. He always says Hi. And I always remind him "don't do drugs,' which for some reason, makes them giggle.

So as they pass I look up and see this stupid sign. This is Las Vegas! We don't need no stinkin' signs!

And WTF? The first red circle, on the left? It looks like a ban on uni-brows and the other one? What is that? A prohibition on dancing? Did that bastard lose his contact lens?

Now under the "No spookie eyebrows" and "no hula-hooping" sign is another, really funny one. It reads:


Ha! My bros on the boards were doing that!

I am reminded of my friend, the very funny Max Alexander, and his routine about getting pulled-over by shopping mall police for doing 14.

"Impossible," Max would tell the mallcop. "My car shimmies at 11."

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