Saturday, May 30, 2009

Eating, Out in Las Vegas

Looking forward to tonight at STEVE WYNN'S Encore Resort, and dinner at SINATRA'S. I was one of the fortunate few to dine there when it opened and Chef Theo Schoenegger gets it- --serve food IN SEASON and you can't go wrong.

"Life is like the seasons;
After Winter comes the Spring"

-Frank Sinatra, 'Cycles.'

If you want to see WHY the Sinatra family allowed family friend Wynn to use the name, pass by SINATRA'S next time you're on the strip. Sure, there is cool stuff on display, including some great shots from 'Pal Joey,' the 'Sinatra Swings' album cover photo and of course, the Best Supporting Actor Academy Award FS received in 1953 for 'From Here to Eternity.' But? it is the food that you'll remember. Great, just great.

In a 24-hour town like Las Vegas, you can get whatever, whenever. And dispite what nutritionists have told you (they are ALL dumbasses- listen to Dr. Will on this one) Steak & Eggs is a fantastic meal. Plenty of fruit and you're in. I have S & E most everyday.

While I am thrilled to be invited back to Sinatra's, my tastes are varied. Most days start at Bagelmania where all kinds of colorful local characters (me included) have breakfast---'if you're not INDICTED, you're not INVITED' might be their slogan.

Tomorow night, I am meeting a very talented UNLV Film student, with whom I'm writing a TV show, at the neighborhood Applebee's (my idea). I was asked to write a restaurant column for a show ticket website where I post show reviews. I passed. There are, I'm sure, others more qualified.

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