Thursday, May 14, 2009

House of H2o gets pissed on (again!)

OK, here is the gmail I just received:

"Thanks to that asshole at House of H2o, me and my wife's American Idol season has been total destroyed.

As quoted on, Willie Watters, on MARCH FIRST announced that Kris Allen would be the 2009 American Idol winner.

Why would My American allow this? Just before the show show came on the TV when they moved to Hollywood my wife said that she knew what H2O had inside information all along and but that Kris would be put into the finale AND SHE WAS RIGHT."

-Aaron White

So I don't know what the is, but it is pretty funny that some dude is pissed at me. The fact that he was so serious made me laugh my ass off.

Hey Aaron? I'M the asshole? How about you? Yea, you with the double 'A' at the start of your stupid name. What's that? The 'A' is silent? Really? Which one? Why do you need two of them anyway?

Here's an idea: next year, check out my blog early and then, instead of sitting in front of your television, you and your wife can spend Tuesdays and Wednesdays improving yourselves. Maybe take some classes at the community college. Or better yet, maybe charm school, you A hole.

Peace & Love


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