Monday, July 20, 2009

LET THE RECOVERY BEGIN! (It's gonna be Just Incredible)

The first time I saw sexy Jessie Payo on stage it was with Billy Bushwalla and I kinda fell in love a little. Now (and wow!) they're together again!

A few years ago, a famous friend of mine commented that Steven Wright was the only modern comic guy to successfully establish his own authentic voice. Then, we were blown-away by DAN MINTZ, who took the Steven Wright thing into newer, darker corners. He's something!

Micahel DuBois of Tonight Show fame, is the most creative juggler since Michael Davis.

All this hosted by comic conjurer JUSTIN KREDIBLE.*

What a lovely way to spend an evening---I just hope that they take this show ON THE ROAD.

*house of h2o-THE place to find out what's poppin' in pop culture, predicts that Justin Kredible will become a major television star within the next year. And when it happens, please remember who said it first. No, it wasn't Nostradamus. It was H2o.

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