Friday, July 10, 2009

Willie Watters' Pop Music Prediction: JASON MRAZ- will set the record!

On April 10th, I first called it, right here in the House of H2o---

Now, it's pretty clear: by the end of summer:

The simple-and simply beautiful single from JASON MRAZ- 'I'm Yours,' will set the record for longest song listed on the top 100 charts.

His record has already broken records with the happy 'I'm Yours, a version of which was originally released on an EP, by crossing-over, hitting all of the charts.

Now, after more than one year on the Top 100 list, I predict JM will set the ALL TIME HOT 100 RECORD.

JASON MRAZ sings "I'm Yours," but, let's face it: We're HIS.

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