Friday, August 7, 2009

JULIANNE HOUGH is gonna be Twitter's #1 Celeb

DEREK HOUGH is a hell of a nice guy, a talented musician and an incredible dancer. According to Derek's recent Tweet, he and sweetie Shannon Elizabeth are no longer dating, which is really none of my business, but I gotta say he is the ONE boy dancer I can watch-and cheer for- who doesn't make me feel weird. A beautiful guy.

A few months ago, when I was in LA bein' cool & shit, Derek was nice enough to intro me to his sis- the sensational JULIANNE HOUGH, a Las Vegas Academy grad and, I predict, soon to be TWITTER'S # 1 Celeb.

H2O LOVES HOUGH! And congrats to Derek and Juilanne on the Emmy nomination! Great Balls of Fire!

JUILANNE'S Twitter updates are always entertaining and, like the beautiful dancer Miss Hough, cute as can be.

Sweet Tweets indeed.

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