Thursday, June 3, 2010


MARTIN SCORSESE now says he wants AL PACINO to play FRANK SINATRA in the upcoming biopic of the superstar singer. Really? Pacino? Just when they want him in, I want him out- HOO HA!

Now, I was down with LEONARDO DICAPRIO. After all, he's got the blue eyes and, five seconds into any of his movies you totally suspend your disbelief. Leo is the best actor of his generation, nobody even close, but now I'm thinking that maybe the best isn't the best way to go.

In modern Hollywood, studios think films need a huge star to 'open' them, to provide a big weekend box office, and, more-and-more, that's true, because movies today are mostly trite, predictable and stupid. But, in the case of 'Sinatra,' the story is bigger than any actor and the script, by Phil Robinson ("Field of Dreams") is sure to be epic so I say choose a cool actor with plenty of swagger, real sex appeal and authentic musical ability. I'm thinking JOSH HENDERSON.

Josh is a helluva good actor, a fine singer and a cool looking kid. Drop some weight, add a hat and Ring-a-ding-ding, baby.

There's talk of casting more than one actor to portray FRANK SINATRA at different stages, and that may well be the way to go. Throughout much of his career, Sinatra was all blue eyes, thick lips and bright smile. Ol' Blue Eyes made a name in Hollywood as a song and dance man and was linked to some of the sexiest women in the world so, for Frank's sake, cast someone who can sing, dance and has some moves!

I first ran into JOSH HENDERSON here in Las Vegas where just about everyone knew him from Desperate Housewives. After seeing every hottie in the club staring at the star I knew he had 'it,' he had heat, that magical quality that makes a person so very interesting. It wasn't long before I started a new novel featuring a character I created with the cool looking actor in mind. I mean, he has that effect on you.

Josh has proven himself a hot dancer, strong singer and winning actor. He's a sensational personality so I say:



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