Monday, September 20, 2010


To the many celebrities who feel the burden of fame, I refer you to FRANK SINATRA's letter to GEORGE MICHAEL, printed here.

Now I don't really know PARIS HILTON, but I have been around her family. Her great- grandfather, grandfather and other fine family members have done more good than Paris ever thought about doing wrong but I think it's time she got with it. Clark County District Attorney DAVID ROGER gave PARIS HILTON a break today. I know our DA; he's a helluva guy- tough but fair. Now it's time for Ms. Hilton to straighten up and fly right. Oh, and cheer-up. Cheer the hell up!


I was watching EVAN LOWENSTEIN play and sing the other day. One of his many fans requested a song while he was singing and he went right into it, smiling. Here's a singer with a Rock and Country repertoire in the hundreds and female fans in the millions. Evan went from a heartfelt original ballad into a thumping cover of 'Footloose,' smiling all the way.

I've worked with so many top performers, from musicians to magicians and some dangerous acts and serious actors along the way and you know what: I love people who love what they do.

One of the very best specialty acts in the business is a Russian-born performer named ANDREI SOUMIATIN. With his gorgeous wife and talented son. the Soumiatins are great performers and greatful people. They love what they do and audiences love them for it.

The young actor and close-up magician R.J. CANTU, in preparation for a new television project, was out at the LA clubs including Highlands Hollywood and Boulevard 3. R.J. found himself mobbed by friends and fans because people gravitate to those who dig what they do.

Here in Las Vegas, I get to visit with more than my share of beautiful and talented people. DEREK HOUGH, the tough but tender ABC dancer is always gracious and genuinely eager to pose with fans and followers, plus more than willing to send our regards to his sister JULIANNE HOUGH. The never desperate JOSH HENDERSON often causes hysteria with women who worship him from his days on Wisteria Lane. Now stop and think about that for a second. Stars like a highly competitive dancer and a hard working hunk come for a break from the TMZ yet are only too eager to visit with fans, pose for pictures and sign autographs. They love what they do, and it shows. I'd bet some of these overpaid athelets no longer like their sports but I'll happily lay odds that the talented people I mentioned love sharing their God given talents. When Country stars like JARON & THE LONG ROAD TO LOVE spend hours with their fans, those of us who like 'Pray For You,' can spend a buck and download it on iTunes. That's how we vote in America- we support the good people who do so much to enrich our lives.

I ran into an old- time comic the other day. Back in the 70's this headliner was the HIGHEST PAID comedian on the Las Vegas Strip. I grew-up hearing that there was nobody funnier than SHECKY GREENE and when he recognized me, he was sweet enough to come over- and do fifteen minutes so funny that I cried. I did. He shared GEORGE CARLIN and BOB DYLAN stories and, later, I told him I thought that show business today was in good hands. "Why?" Shecky asked. "NICK THUNE," I told him.

I have it made. I do. I get to work with people who love what they do. I'm writing a 'live' show for 'The Masked Magician,' my pal VALENTINO and featuring R.J. CANTU and we're looking at The Palladium on Sunset as a possible venue to stage it. "This is our history, our heritage," I said, so very excited to be creating with my talented friends, to do a thing at the historic Palladium.

When House of H2o features people in bold letters, we are not just name dropping. That'd be gross. The talented people written about are people who love what they do and we love them for it. I've been up night-after-night, writing a sexy story custom made for a guy like JOSH HENDERSON, an actor and singer who is beautiful because he digs what he does.

Thanks to the BOLD and beautiful people I write about, I do, too.


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