Friday, September 3, 2010

Likability-- From RAFAEL NADAL to JAKE T. AUSTIN

RAFAEL NADAL is a monster on the tennis court, a never give up, always improving raging bull, a force of nature dead set on winning. Tune in and see for yourself. Tonight I watched him on TV, from the U.S. Open. Dressed in skintight black, he looked like something out of Marvel Comics, an unsmiling superhero or perhaps a likable villian.

Off the court, RAFAEL NADAL is just about the sweetest guy you'd ever hope to meet, a soft spoken gentleman sincerely interested in what you have to say.

I've been thinking about likability lately, about how important it is for popular people to be likable- not just charming or cute, but really likable.

Over the past twenty years, I've advised, managed, hired (and fired) plenty of performers here in Las Vegas, and I've seen just about every successful star we have and I'll tell you a secret: the best are the ones who allow you to like them. Let the reality "stars" do their thing; their lives-real or otherwise-are likely to be short-lived.

I was so impressed by comic-magician JUSTIN KREDIBLE (JUSTIN WILLMAN) that I co-wrote a TV sitcom around his likable talents. It is rare indeed to find a magician you want to go have a beer with, even after he vanished your wallet. How does he do it? He's got the likable thing down!

I was watching The Disney Channel one night, looking for Justin, who was appearing on The Suite Life on Deck. I left the channel on and really enjoyed The Wizards of Waverly Place. Here's why: JAKE T. AUSTIN


Yup, the kid is cool as hell. Now I knew DOM DELUISE and am proud of his son, David. Young SELENA GOMEZ is cute as can be but Jake is the most likable guy on the entire DIsney network for serious. You know, so many sitcom characters come on, do their line just knowing it's funny, and then are followed by more laugh lines and other crazy characters and bla bla bla. By the end of the show, you've forgotten the episode because everything was just so forgettable. TV shows have become disposable, interchangable and forgettable. But not JAKE T. AUSTIN. This guy looks like he's having a great time, like he's liking what he's doing. I know the public is. From the mostly female fans to others who just admire a talented guy cool enough not to act cool, JAKE T. AUSTIN is likable to the max.

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