Tuesday, September 7, 2010


7 Down: ____________ and Jaron ( identical-twins pop duo).

I'm crazy for this puzzle but let's face it, it must make someone feel great to see their own name in a clue. I used to see FRANK SINATRA doing the NY Times puzzle, in ink, no less, and smiled the day that every clue in the puzzle was Sinatra-related, knowing he dug that but also wondering if even Ol' Blue Eyes got them all right. ( I did).

You know, if you want an 'Evan' clue, you could go with "Jack Daniel's-like booze ________ Williams," or "Mexican-American Third-baseman Tampa Bay Rays' ________ Longoria," but, I think EVAN LOWENSTEIN is the way to go. I mean, this guy is a most creative musician, businessman and honest-to-God internet entrepreneur. I'm crazy for this guy.

So many musicians are wondering what in the hell is happening to the music business. Record companies are going the way of the buggy whip as new artists and established stars are doing their own thing online. That's where StageIt comes in.

I remember driving down to San Diego with my then-girlfriend to see JASON MRAZ, hearing MR. A-Z's songs on the radio and then being blown-away when Jason told us he didn't have a record deal yet. Of course, every label from the Pacific to the Atlantic wanted him but if Jason were starting out today, I'd bet he'd be label-less.

Too many performers are complaining about the state of the industry but the real creative people are doing something about it. Which brings us to EVAN LOWENSTEIN. Yup, THAT Evan, the identical twin of the pop duo Evan & Jaron, who brought us the hit 'Crazy For This Girl,' and several other fine songs including one of my favorites, 'What She Likes.' Brother Jaron and The Long Road to Love hit the charts hard with 'Pray For You,' breaking the Top- 20 the old fashioned way: with hard work. Early on, we picked 'Pray For You' and are proud of the success, brought, in part, by using new online platforms including Evan's STAGEIT. Now this is a helluva great tool for musicians of every level.



Performers see StageIt as a way to broadcast their shows to paying customers, fans who are into their stuff and are glad pay to see up -close concerts and behind-the- scenes performances. Fans think of StageIt this way: a VIP ticket to some very cool music.

You have to hand it to EVAN LOWENSTEIN. He's acheived pop stardom as a singer-songwriter and USA Character and now is using his knowledge and talent to help others solve the crossword puzzle that is today's music scene.

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