Sunday, October 12, 2008


"She's got a size 1 dress and a voice that's a perfect 10!"

A friend of mine recently sent me a link to a pretty lame blog, written by a guy who claims to love Dean Martin. Now, it's certainly cool to love Dean. I mean, I sure do. I moved to Las Vegas about 20 years ago, and during the next dozen years spent many nights backstage at Bally's. Dean's longtime manager, Mort Viner once pointed out how nice it was that I'd stop-by AFTER opening night. You see, every one of Dean Martin's openings was attended by every one in his family. I mean, the second floor dressing room was crawling with family, but, the next night? Just Dean and Ken or Mort. Well, I mention my credentials as a way of justifying my crticism of the "I love Dean" blog. In a recent post, Dean's most beautiful and talented daughter- DEANA MARTIN- was criticized by the guy (and both of his readers). [Note: My blog has been up 9 months and already has 100-times the readers than Ilovedean, and he's been online for years!] So while the cheap shots at Deana were just that: cheap, it did get me thinking about the sensational DEANA MARTIN .

Deana has written a wonderful biography, has produced a terrific CD, hosts highly successful radio shows and specials and continues to perform 'live' throughout the world. I was one of the first to review her record, "Memories Are Made Of This," have seen her perform a time or two, and, have even been a guest in her home. [Note to Deana's husband, producer John Griffeth: I love your wife!]

Deana is nominated for radio personality of the year by KING-TV (

If you will, consider going to the KING-TV link.

Let's vote for Deana.

After writing about Heath Ledger (July 20, 2008), my brief essay was picked-up as a microblog or tumbleblog and reached the Ledger family who replied that they, too, loved DEAN MARTIN in Rio Bravo. It is amazing to me how loving Dean allows us to continue to make new friends. The same is true for Deana. She was so charming on the debut of The Bonnie Hunt Show and just one look at Bonnie's set makes clear that she too loves Dean!

OK, friend, everybody loves somebody sometime, so why not go to KING-TV and show Deana your love.

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