Saturday, December 12, 2009


Sirius Satellite Radio's great station, Siriusly Sinatra, celebrated Ol Blue Eyes' birthday on December 12th. And they did a great job.
The 'guest DJ' was none other than the reigning King of LV, STEVE WYNN.

Now you may think of Mr. Wynn as the ultra businessman and super self-promoter and of course he is, but get him talking about show business and he's quite intriguing and especially interesting.

We here in Las Vegas owe STEVE WYNN so much and now-and wow-we owe some more. He hosted a helluva good radio show helping remember the birthday of the greatest Las Vegas star ever, Frank Sinatra . Wynn was even cool enough to run a rare recording of Sinatra, from the Golden Nugget stage, referring to Wynn's pride and joy as "a dump" and then kvetching about the showroom, designed by, according to FS, "Steve's kid brother, Frank Lloyd Wrong." More than that, however, Mr. Las Vegas shared never-before heard Sinatra stories, warm and loving memories from a helluva guy who not only has been front and center but who also always puts his money where his mouth is.

I spent some time at Wynn's Encore late last night where Garth Brooks is holding court. Encore, indeed.

Thanks Steve and Happy Birthday Ol Blue Eyes.

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