Thursday, December 3, 2009



What happened to the fantasy future? You know, the promise of jet packs, picture phones and loads of edible and/or inflatable and/or fornicatable shit?

Well, the jet pack became the Segway, which is a great invention if you're a cop at a county fair. The technology that would fly your ass around town was misappropriated to create the leaf blower, and that really blows.

Now I'll agree that the internet is the nuts. And, to access the www via the ChuckBerry is something. I've done my share of under-the-table Googling on the handheld to help me sound up-to-date during meetings, but, sadly, I usually have to read online shit I wrote just to remember what I'm supposed to believe.

Of all the new ish, I do think that Skype is pretty much the video phone of our dreams, although, in my younger punkass mind, I'd ring up a hottie who'd answer naked in bed and I'd be automotically able to see their situation. Today, I get my Skype on (and off!) regularly, via the Mac and the HalleBerry. Recently, I've been tricking-out the home Skypexperience by using mirrors. (I have wall-to-wall mirrored walls and, with a little setup, my Skyping can be down right pyschedelic providing I remember to pre-Windex the situation).

Hey- you know that kid who was supposed to be flying high above Colorado in that metallic balloon? That looked like some mental patient's idea of the future- a wacky, tacky, jet packy flight of fancy. It made me wonder: who was more lame- the dumbass dad or the cable news jerkoffs?

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