Tuesday, December 1, 2009


Today, the LA TIMES took another shot at NBC's decision to air budget-friendly JAY LENO five nights a week in lieu of dramas, noting (and praising) the successful new shows on the other networks. But wait, isn't there something to be said for entertainment executives trying something different? Now I know, JAY LENO is hardly avant-garde and his "new" show doesn't seem too terribly different from the old one, but hey, it's early. I'm hoping Jay & Co. will shake things up.

I heard that Leno regular NICK THUNE will be on again this week- I think Wednesday or Thursday. Bringing Thune to primetime helps me believe in network television. Seriously, that guy is funny.

My writing partner, Richard Thornell and I just finished a script for a new sitcom, based on weird characters I created, characters who, while not quite right, are quite likeable. In doing research for this project, I watched TV. Loads of it. Network shows during primetime* and well into the late late "what in the hell am I still doing up" night.** New, old, good and bad, I've been watching. If it sounds like fun, well, it really wasn't. I take comedy seriously. After a few weeks, I was amazed at every Leave it to Beaver, at how well the show held up. And Dick Van Dyke? I can tell four bars into the theme if he'll trip-or scoot around- the ottoman. And Lucy? Well, I Love Lucy.

When I see JAY LENO bringing on people like NICK THUNE*** it gives me hope that televison is going to be just fine.

* Modern Family: funny. Community: clever. It's Always Sunny: GREAT
** Insert crack pipe/cocaine/Red Bull joke
*** There's nobody like NICK THUNE.

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