Sunday, April 18, 2010


Happy birthday or whatever it is.

I live in your desert, and I love it here. The desert saved my life.

Others are celebrating mountains and oceans, hugging trees and swimming with dolphins. There will likely be photos of cute girls in pastel dresses running through prairies holding small flowers. That's cool, I guess, but guys like me feel real beauty here in the Nevada desert.

It hit 88 today so I enjoyed being in the desert by being in the pool. There's something purifying about breathing in your dry air while swimming in your sparkling wetness that makes me feel so very connected to you, to everything.

You may not remember this, but, when I was a kid, I suffered from asthma so badly that I couldn't breathe without fighting for it. After all the inhalers and other drugs, we found that the dry air in your California Palm Springs had magicial powers.

Your desert healed me. It heals me still.

Most images this week will be green, and that's cool, but, today, please accept with love this tan greeting from a desert rat.

H20 loves you, Earth.


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