Friday, April 23, 2010


The 27th annual Pop Music Awards were held last night. I attended the event back when it was still in its teens. PAUL WILLIAMS was just my favorite songwriter and now, he's ASCAP President. Well, we're all grown up now. Well, some of us are.

The Song of the Year is, say it with me: 'I'm Yours,' and who doesn't feel the beauty of the music of JASON MRAZ?

ASCAP was blown away by the success of 'I'm Yours,' a beautiful song that stayed on the Hot 100 Charts longer than any song, ever! And what's so incredible is that the MRAZ CD is loaded with songs every bit as beautiful as the title tune. From the inspiring 'Make It Mine,' which I wrongly thought would be the hit single, to the dreamy 'Love For A Child' and the clever 'If It Kills Me,' the entire record is great. MRAZ is music.

THE KILLERS were honored with a Pop Music Award as well and Las Vegas is proud, guys.

You know, for a couple of years now, JASON MRAZ has been touring the world, singing 'I'm Yours,' and I think it's time we faced it:

We're HIS!


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