Wednesday, October 20, 2010


There's an up-and-coming singer I keep hearing about: SERGIO VELLATTI.

Because of some of the work I've done in Las Vegas, including having written and produced the very FIRST Rat Pack tribute show, (with permish, btw), and my association with many big shows and stars, including a certain blue- eyed Italian-American singer, people feel the need to send me links to new singers, usually lame or just lousy, and that's fine, because I don't really take any of that stuff seriously and I usually, as the saying goes, 'fuget about it," but lately, I've been seeing a name that I can't forget, a guy I've been hearing about over and over: SERGIO VELLATTI.

SERGIO VELLATTI is a singer you'll remember.

It's a cool name, memorable and masculine and guess what? So is he. Yup, I checked him out, and it turns out that, in addition to loads of good songs on YouTube, Sergio has launched a website where you can hear him sing, and swing:

Most of these new singers couldn't swing if they were on the end of a rope, but Sergio undersatnds the Sinatra swingers, and the ballads, too. And hearing his great big voice sing classics like 'Spinning Wheel' will make your head go 'round. This guy isn't afraid to let the blood sweat and tears flow and that is the mark of greatness.

If you like good music, the great standards and newer pop songs, sung by an up-and-coming straight-up great singer, please visit Sergio's site.

I'd like to say that I discovered him, but I will share something really amazing: this good looking guy with the beautiful voice just discovered himself. He did. He has great instincts but the truth is, the world of professional singing is new to him. I say we support this fine young talent.

In America, the way we vote for artists we like is to buy their music and tell our friends all about it. SERGIO VELLATTI deserves your vote.

Now, let's tell everyone.

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