Monday, October 11, 2010


It happened again.

"Do you know who you remind me of?" The question was simple but I've heard it too many times before. It had ugly implications. The sweet voice of a pretty young thing called out to me as I crossed the lobby of Las Vegas resort this afternoon. Okay, here we go. I turned back to her and smiled.

"You ever watch MTV? The Kardashians? The reality show?" All of her sentences were going up at the end. Not good.

"Sure." I said.

"You know Brodie? From 'The Hills?' Brodie Jenner?"

"Yup" I was hoping it'd drop there, that she wouldn't go up.

"You know his dad? Bruce? Bruce Jenner? THAT'S who you remind me of."


I don't think that it's a very good idea to compare people you meet to the famous folks you see on TV. I do think it's a handy shortcut when describing a friend to another friend. You know, like when you're trying to get your buddy to ask out your girlfriend's friend, go ahead and compare her to some celebrity. I know that you've done it before and I'll bet when you did you made a point to compare the girl to a way hotter celebrity. You did.

How about when you are trying to get your buddy a date. You lie like hell. You do. You compare him to JARED LETO and you have no so-called idea in life who JARED LETO is. Or you'll say, "He looks kinda like that X-Man actor, JAMES MARSDEN. You liar. You just said that because your friend happens to have cool sunglasses.

But, and here's the thing-when you tell someone that they remind you of someone famous? Take it easy!

There's a young, up-and-coming singer I know, a helluva great looking model named KADEN McNEIL. Great guy, fine voice, cool look. He's really something this guy, but maybe I'm weird because when writing about him, I feel NO need to compare him to anybody. (Besides, if you want, just check Google Images for KADEN McNEIL).

I mean, what if I had said to the girl in the lobby, "Have you ever seen a young Lauren Bacall, I mean, back when she was was first starting out and really glamorous? Well, the guy she was married to? Humphrey Bogart? You look just like him!"

My point: She could have left it with Brodie.

I've met people who feel the need to tell me that I remind them of Superman, only to add, "Not the TV one or the new one, but the guy who ended up in the wheelchair."

I mean, that's just super, man. Thanks.

Now I have a great sense of humor. I do. I look in the mirror everyday, right out of the shower, and I have a full-length mirror. I know what's doin' believe me.

I just think that if you feel compelled to tell someone that they look like someone else, then, like that song says: Take It Easy.


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