Tuesday, January 11, 2011


I was new to Facebook and wasn't sure how it worked, who you friended and then what you did after accepting. It was two years ago that I sent my first Facebook message to one of my few "friends," ADAM ROBITEL.

I was thumbing my BlackBerry, killing time at McCarran, waiting for a plane that would take me to Los Angeles and a late night meeting with a young producer who wanted to help develop a treatment I'd written into a completed script. The guy liked my writing and believed in me enough to send for me. Me, on the other hand, I wasn't so sure.

Out of the blue I tapped-out some questions-basic stuff about the business, really, topped off with a "We've never met but have mutual friends" opener and sent the message via Facebook to ADAM ROBITEL. Now I'd spent several late nights on the road in hotels, often catching the same funny/weirdly sexy/totally likeable scenes from 2001 Maniacs. The guy in love with the goat is a hicked-up Adam. In real life, the talented actor is a fitness freak and technical geek. Watching Adam in action makes you want to take up Capoeira and his behind-the-camera skills are even more amazing. His company Robitel Media Works does it all, from pre-to-post, developing ideas, writing, producing, directing, hell, everything. His music videos, movie trailers and short films are all, like the man himself, sensational. ADAM ROBITEL is a good guy.

The wait at the airport continued. I ordered another, let's say tea, and by the time I took my second sip my ChuckBerry flashed a return message from Adam. He'd answered all my questions, offered real advice and sincere good wishes. Wow.

While I've never lacked confidence, I walked into my meeting really self-assured, thanks to the generousity of ADAM ROBITEL. Sure, we have mutual friends. One of my oldest friends is one of the best actors alive today, a Real Genius, you might say, and Adam is flying high with, among others, real Hollywood supermen, but on that night, Adam took time out for me, a guy he'd never met.

The deal was done, the initial check arrived-and cleared! I was in business. I sent Adam a note, hoping to thank him in person, buy him a whatever, whenever, but Adam was on location, busy making a new film.

I'm in LA all the time but-and this is true-there isn't a Hollywood trip where I don't stop and give thanks to people like ADAM ROBITEL for being helpful. That's the guy you want in your life, the kind of guy I am trying to be.

If we can't be helpful, then what in the hell are we doing here?

This commentary was sparked by a really great message I just received from the skillful SERGIO VELLATTI. You know Sergio from his ring-a-ding-dinging YouTube videos, the Sinatra-sound-alike postings from a sincere (and seriously talented) singer and soon-to-be nightclub performer. Sergio thanked me for helping him which reminded me of so many people who have helped me along the way.

How do you pay it back? By helping others. That's the only way, man. I think it says it in the Bible or maybe I saw it in a movie or heard it in a song. No matter, it's true. It works. Do it. I did. I do.

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