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It's not easy being original. It is simple, once you remember how, but really, with all of the distractions, all of the TV, radio and internet voices echoing in your head, it's tempting to just let your life play out on playback.

The House of H2o has been keeping an eye on pop culture, allowing people like me to write in the first person, to tell YOU what I really think, dropping names along the way. Looking back, I'm rather proud that most of my contributions have been positive and encouraging, sometimes gushing but always sincere.

A while back we pointed out a funny young close-up magician doing things in his own way. Some of the material was old but on the fresh faced JUSTIN KREDIBLE, it gleams. We LOVE what the incredible JUSTIN WILLMAN is doing, on the road, on campus and now, in the center of it all, hosting his own TV show on Hub World.

When we got word of a new website: using existing technology in a hip new way, we couldn't wait to sing the praises of the site's creator: EVAN LOWENSTEIN. Evan spent a decade on the road, thrilling fans of EVAN & JARON, the band he fronts with his twin brother, Jaron, before settling down in LA. But Evan didn't settle in. No sir. He came-up with a way to let musicians perform for a select number of their fans and now, StageIt members get a backstage seat for once-in-a-lifetime shows.

We bragged about 'The King of Diamonds: The Magicial Life of Darin Diamond,' not so much because it's a great book, but rather because it is the first of three Las Vegas-themed novels coming out at a time when the way we read is changing.

H20 rarely misses a chance to share highlights from the career of JASON MRAZ. He knows what we love about him and now, more people do too.

THE MAKEPEACE BROTHERS blend their authentic voices into a brand new sound and a happy message the world needs now, more than ever. These cool guys allowed their fans to contribute to the completion of their new CD, bringing a whole new meaning to the term sharing music. We were blown-away when we discovered that the cool as shit actor JOSH HENDERSON has plenty of swagger in the recording studio. His original pop tunes are hip and Hollywood yet the boy's kept his feet firmly planted in Oklahoma. Josh is real for reals. His songs are a CLICK away.

Young guys like KADEN and also DEREK JAMESON are finding their voices and we can't hardly wait to brag about each of them as the year rolls in.

During a long lunch with legendary Las Vegas headliner SHECKY GREENE, I heard great stories about LENNY BRUCE, GEORGE CARLIN and of course, my friend Shecky and when he asked me what I thought of the new guys I had one name: NICK THUNE. I call many funnymen my friends, great guys including TOM DREESEN, LOUIE ANDERSON, MAX ALEXANDER, PETE BARBUTTI, JOHNNY DARK, FIELDING WEST, DAVID BRENNER and so many more so when Shecky asked why I was so upbeat, I was able to laugh. You can't help but laugh, thanks to NICK THUNE. Thanks, Nick.

Among the sea of shiny shirts and furtive stares there are a few younger, original magicians who have risen to the top. JASON LATIMER is the very best at what he does, and what he does is amazing. Jason has the patent on high-tech likability and we love that. R.J. CANTU is carving-out a special spot for himself, turning up at hot Hollywood clubs and then really turning up the heat. R.J. is burned to the bone by the fire of his heated ambition.

Will. All it takes is Will. Above all, WILLIAM SHAKESPEARE said in Act I Scene iii of Hamlet: "To thine own self be true."

I love that about you!

Let's make 2011 original.


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