Friday, January 14, 2011


I am amazed at the speed in which we now share words, how we communicate and become an instant community. Facebook connects the world. MySpace launches bands, YouTube allows fans to follow their idols and StageIt lets artists perform 'live' and up -close.

Maybe I'm amazed at our new speed, but I'm really blown-away at the immediate power of the words we share. Now I'm a guy who is never at a loss for words and works hard every day to improve my writing skills but I still am taken back by the magical power words possess.

Think about it for a second. We arrange words, send them off and-poof-the reader is informed, moved, changed forever.

Yesterday I sent what could have come off as a rather random email to a talented actor, an impossibly handsome, incredibly talented guy who you know well. He's the soap opera hunk, that special guest on teen dramas, the scene stealer in many TV movies. Yup, you know the actor very well but I've never met the guy. His performance as a young American rockstar moves me to tears every time I see it and I've seen it a lot. I like him that much; he lets you in. This fine actor brings instant likability to every role, and that's a real gift.

Why did I email him? Well, I did it to say, "Thanks," for the pleasure he's given me. I know, weird, right? Maybe a little creepy? But what did I risk by sincerely putting my feelings into words? I mean, so maybe he doesn't get what I wrote, or never reads it, so what? I did my best to assemble some words that expressed what I was feeling, what he made me feel and after hitting 'Send' I felt good about it.

Now I really felt great when, in a flash, I received a reply. Turns out that this brilliant actor is a sensitive artist and a really great guy. He said that he was moved by my words. I thanked him and in return, he thanked me. Wow, right?

If you want to experience real magic in your life, you have the power to cast a spell, right now. You see that hot chick with the beautiful hair? Tell her. No, really, say the words. Pass her a note letting her know your feelings. Your life will change forever. That guy you see at the gym? The one who you thought was so cool for being nice the other day? Take out the ear buds, bud, and tell him. You may well make a friend forever.

I've worked with many of the top magicians working today and I've written many of the words they say on stage. Words are powerful and, if you are sincere, words can be magicial.

I can't possibly describe how much I apprecaited his email, how that accomplished young actor's reply made me feel but I do know that our exchange is an example of the magic contained in our words. Let's maybe think about what we say to one another, how we talk about politics, sports and everything else.

I use words for a living, I am aware of their power. I know that words can hurt but also can help heal. Words are magic. Yesterday my words cast a spell and then, in return, I fell under the spell of another. I am forever changed by the exchange.

There's a beautiful scene, late in the film 'The Beach Boys: An American Family,' where DENNIS WILSON sings, 'Forever.' The lyrics are suffused with love:

"If every word I said
Could make you laugh
I'd talk forever."

I find that the more I share my words, the more I receive in return.

Thanks for that.


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