Monday, February 7, 2011

CHARLIE SHEEN: Please get Well, HOOKERS: Go to Hell

CHARLIE SHEEN uesd to come to Las Vegas quite often, back when he was single. He'd come, blow off some steam between shooting major movies, was always a great host and was just a lot of fun to be around. At the time we were kind-of friends and I remain proud to know such a talented actor. Unlike most everyone else, I don't reveal off the record stories, divulge secrets or publicize what people do in private. Remember the line about stuff staying in Las Vegas? Well, some of us happen to live by it.

Shame on Entertainment Tonight, Extra, TMZ and every other media outlet who just can't wait to air interviews with hookers, all shook-up but still all-too- willing to share their tales. (Share their tales. ha.)

Now I'll be blunt: I've known plenty of hookers. Great ones, too. Some escorts, call girls, boys, couples, whatevers have livened-up many parties over the years but they didn't rush out and sell their stories. No sir, part of what they were paid for was to keep their mouths shut, so to speak.

CHARLIE SHEEN is a huge star with a big personal problem. He has a wonderful family and a nice group of real friends who all wish him well. Here's sending love and good wishes from good people in Las Vegas who continue to admire this gifted actor.

The media loves a good story but quoting prostitutes makes them guilty of nepotism, no?

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