Thursday, February 24, 2011


Writers are often asked where their ideas come from, from where do we draw our inspiration. For a guy like me, the answer is, "Everywhere, really."

Let me cut, as they say in the movie business, to the chase:

You probably know BEN EASTER from his handsome roles in major motion pictures like 'I'll Always Know What You Did Last Summer' and 'Husk.' You've seen him on network TV dramas including 'Boston Public' and Disney's 'Zenon,' but what you may not know is that young Ben is an up-and-coming director and one helluva fine photographer.

I'm part of a team re-writing a television project and, unlike some writers, I do play well with others, especially when told every morning how "inspired" I am.

My muse can be a tricky chick. She'll lay low inside Nelson Riddle arrangements, float by as I swim laps, peek out from Mraz lyrics, and, lately, tickle my fancy from the stunning and evocative photos of BEN EASTER.

Do yourself a solid:

When you are open to creativity, your life opens up. Open your eyes, your heart, to the photography of BEN EASTER. If you do, I'll always know what your summers will be like.

They'll be beautiful, man.


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