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Hollywood CA, February 2, 2014

2014 seems to be the year for likable young movie star JAKE T. AUSTIN. Taking on LEONARDO DICAPRIO'S role in Titanic seemed like a cocky move, leaving many Hollywood insiders to suggest the young wizard was getting in over his head. Any other actor would have drowned under the ocean of criticism but JAKE T. AUSTIN held his breath and came out swimmingly. "Titanic Two: How's My Hair?" has Vegas odds naming Jake the favorite to take home the Best Actor Oscar.

The Academy rarely honors comedies but this year's original flick, 'Thune It's Gonna Rain,' written by and starring comic genius NICK THUNE is getting great buzz for Best Picture.

Making Oscar history this year is JASON MRAZ, who has written all five of this year's nominated songs. MR. A-Z. is a sure thang.

In a contoversial move, JARON LOWENSTEIN's Country hit, 'I Can't Get Over You, So Answer the Phone Yourself,' was disqualified from competition at the last minute when his twin brother, Hollywood impresario EVAN LOWENSTEIN, was named Executive Producer of this year's Oscar telecast.

New this year is the 'Most Likable Actor Ever' Oscar which goes to Hollywood heavyweight NICK STABILE. From "Santa Jr." to "Sinatra Jr." the only people who don't like Mr. Stabile are the ones who love him.

JOSH HENDERSON is expected to win yet another Best Supporting Actor statute, plus a special award for just being cool and shit.

Host for the 2014 telecast, everybody's favorite JUSTIN WILLMAN, promises some special surprises, including a shamanistic opening number featuring his magicial pals JAMES GALEA, R.J. CANTU and JASON LATIMER. Here's hoping the handsome host will make a few hot cupcakes* appear as well.

This year's LIfetime Acheivment Award saluting JUSTIN BIEBER will be presented by Selena Gomez-Bieber.

Working the Red Carpet pre-show is TMZ's MAX HODGES along with the late JOAN RIVERS.

*chicks, not food

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