Tuesday, April 22, 2008


OK-there were all those peeps pushing hemp, saying how our Founding Fathers grew it and whatnot.

Well wait, this is WAY BETTER... these cool shirts are made from 100% bamboo! The company, started in Jason Mraz's house by designer JON MARRO and man- I'm just sayin'... Mraz walks the walk (and wears the clothes!)

Jon designed my fav "ANTS MARCHING" for Dave Matthews.

Side bar: Hey? You ever hear Matthews sing ''In My Life?" on the Tribute to John Lennon? It is the best.

As for Mr. Marro. "I know I'll never loose affection..." for his talent, like the ants. And now, I'm gonna bug him to let me help get the word out on his company. This guy could well be THE artist of our time. Pleeeeeese go to the site:


Please look into this cool company.

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