Friday, April 4, 2008


You know me. 
I have an opinion or two about entertainers and the state of the business.
I'm not a wanna-be, or some crazyass who falls too quickly for what's presented as the next big thing. (NBT). In fact, I'm really not that interested in the NBT . My eye is out for the guy who is coming up, ya know? THAT'S where the fun is.
The great joy in life is "discovering" a talent early in their career, getting that "he's got IT" feeling and then, watching the guy make it. 
Sometimes I've been in the position to help craft a song. publish an article, or just put- in a well placed word at the proper time. 
JASON MRAZ was delivering pizzas when we first heard him play. That made his success ("The Remedy") and continued growth (tears were in my eyes listening to Mraz sing 'Bella Luna and I'm not an emo guy. And? I was playing MR A-Z on the long drive back from somewhere out the the middle of the desert, and when the Bella Luna track came on, I fell in love with it all over again. You almost hate Mraz for rhyming so cleverly, but then, you just give-in to it, to him) and I actually can't wait to hear the entire new MRAZ CD.
I booked JAMIE CULLUM way way after his becoming the NUMBER ONE JAZZ ARTIST IN THE UK. But still, it was on a bootleg CD that I first heard the smokey, sexy voice of young Jamie. In fact, Cullum self-produced his first CD (500 copies) and while his renditions of originals and standards continue to mature, he still offers-up a fresh and funky versions every time he sits down (or stands up on) the piano. I heart JAMIE CULLUM.
OK, OK. It has been said that I know a thing or two about magic, and I'll take that. My novel, "The King of Diamonds, " concerns the career of pop singer/magician Darin Diamond. An illusion I created is being presented "live' on stage as we blog, and, I hear it has already been ripped-off. high praise indeed. And, I count among my close friends several professional magicians.  Got one or two... (well, FOUR, actually) as enemies, so I hear.
So, what's new on the magic scene?
Two words:

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